Tulsa Comprehensive Plan Update

The Tulsa Comprehensive Plan, adopted in July 2010, is nearing its tenth anniversary. Recognizing that much of the data behind the original plan needs to be updated, our staff is hard at work on a plan-wide update and data analysis. Learn more

Plan 66

Our staff is updating the existing Route 66 Master Plan from 2005. Learn more

Downtown Tulsa Housing Demand Study and Strategy

The City of Tulsa is in the process of crafting a comprehensive housing strategy for all of Tulsa. We are working aggressively to ensure that Tulsa is a place where people can afford to live and thrive. Learn more

Berryhill Land Use Plan

In 2018, the City of Tulsa, Tulsa County, and INCOG worked with residents and other stakeholders in the Berryhill community to develop a Land Use Plan to help guide future land use decisions made by the City of Tulsa and Tulsa County. Learn more

Peoria Avenue BRT Land Use Framework

The Tulsa Planning Office engaged a project team led by The Lakota Group to complete a land use study for transit station areas to be located along the Peoria Avenue BRT corridor between 38th Street North and the intersection of 81st & Lewis. Learn more