Sequoyah Implementation Plan

Adopted in 2007, the Sequoyah Area Neighborhood Implementation Plan identified 76 implementation measures. As of July 1, 2021, about 25% of those implementation measures are complete or ongoing, and another 17% are in progress.


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Implementation Status

RefImplementation MeasureStatus
Top 15 priorities
Priority 1Provide street beautification including landscape, streetscape features, and crosswalk enhancements along Admiral Place.Not Initiated
Priority 2Integrate left turn lane from southbound Harvard Avenue onto eastbound Admiral Place.Not Initiated
Priority 3Incorporate sidewalks on both sides of the street.Not Initiated
Priority 4Widen New Haven Avenue and install guardrails west of the creek to create safe zone.Complete
Priority 5Provide lighting around perimeter of Sequoyah and Owen Elementary schools to produce a safe zone.Complete
Priority 6Adopt logo/theme for signage and banners on Admiral Place to create continuity among businesses.Not Initiated
Priority 7Implement median design on Harvard Avenue.Complete
Priority 8Provide Sequoyah Park improvements.In Progress
Priority 9Rebuild gateway/entryway to entire neighborhood.Not Initiated
Priority 10Make intersection improvements on Harvard Avenue and Pine Street more inviting through a clean-up initiative with local businesses.Not Initiated
Priority 11Install railroad and industrial buffer zone to help create transition from industrial/commercial zone to residential zoneNot Initiated
Priority 12Redesign the intersection improvements at Pine Street and New Haven Avenue.Not Initiated
Priority 13Recommend intersection improvements at Pine and Yale Avenue for increased development potential.Not Initiated
Priority 14Create buffer zone to industrial site.Not Initiated
Priority 15Incorporate original Route 66 theme along Admiral Place.Ongoing
Admiral Place Projects
AP 1Resurface Admiral Place from Harvard Avenue to Yale Avenue.In Progress
AP 2Construct new curbs and guttering system along Admiral Place.In Progress
AP 3Reconstruct sidewalks and incorporate greenbelt buffer between the street and sidewalk.In Progress
AP 4Create more green space in private parking areas along Admiral Place corridor.In Progress
AP 5Develop left turn lane with Òturn lightÓ at traffic signal at Yale Avenue west on Admiral Place.Complete
AP 6Integrate left turn lane from eastbound Admiral Place to northbound Harvard Avenue.Not Initiated
AP 7Encourage the private redevelopment of family-oriented community center in the former nightclub at Admiral Place and Knoxville Avenue.Obsolete
AP 8Revive and maintain integrity of all existing buildings on Admiral Place corridor.Not Initiated
AP 9Incorporate original Route 66 theme along Admiral Place as business and marketing strategy.Ongoing
AP 10Organize businesses to work collaboratively for security purposes and economic development.In Progress
AP 11Revive Commercial Plains Architectural Style in the area.Not Initiated
AP 12Bury overhead utility lines.Not Initiated
AP 13Create monument of Admiral PlaceÕs entire history.In Progress
AP 14Business advertising signs should be standardized.Obsolete
AP 15Provide textured and painted crosswalks at all neighborhood entrances.Not Initiated
Harvard Avenue Projects
HA 1Incorporate new streetscaping on median along Harvard Avenue from Admiral Place to Pine Street.Complete
HA 2Develop a long-term, sustainable maintenance initiative between Sequoyah Area Neighborhood and Kendall Whittier Neighborhood to maintain Harvard Avenue.Not Initiated
HA 3Install left turn lane with Òturn lightÓ at traffic signal on Admiral Place at Harvard Avenue.In Progress
HA 4Install traffic calming device on Harvard Avenue at Latimer Place to slow traffic on Harvard Avenue.Not Initiated
Pine Street Projects
PS 1Construct sidewalks on both sides of the street from Harvard to Yale Avenue.Not Initiated
PS 2Expand New Haven Avenue and create a thoroughfare.Not Initiated
PS 3Incorporate evergreen trees to the rear of commercial district near Pine Street and Harvard Avenue.Not Initiated
Yale Avenue Projects
YA 1Design and construct a gateway entry at Yale and Independence Street.Not Initiated
School Projects
SC 1Add weatherproof shelters for school children.Complete
SC 2Sequoyah School offered to co-facilitate in the annual block party by hosting the event in the schoolÕs facility.Obsolete
SC 3Create a program, accessible through the Metropolitan Tulsa Chamber of Commerce, which focuses on developing partnerships between the neighborhood association and the local neighborhood school.Obsolete
SC 4Provide sidewalks that connect the pedestrians to school locations.Complete
Sequoyah Park Projects
SQ 1Provide better lighting around walking trail.Not Initiated
SQ 2Install water feature (not swimming pool).Not Initiated
SQ 3Prevent children from playing in and around creek.Obsolete
SQ 4Recommend clean-up of the Neighborhood Creek area.Not Initiated
SQ 5Establish and enforce a Òno dumpingÓ in neighborhood creek policy.Ongoing
SQ 6Maintain and provide limited access to park on Newton Street.Complete
SQ 7Install basketball courts (four goals).Not Initiated
Industrial Site Projects
IS 1Create 8Õ to 10Õ sandstone veneer wall screening around industrial site to the south of the industrial area from Richmond Avenue to Knoxville Avenue.Obsolete
IS 2Incorporate tall and skinny evergreen trees, shrubs, and bushes to aid landscaping around perimeter of industrial site.Obsolete
IS 3Use concrete pipe for water runoff at Coal Creek and New Haven Avenue.Obsolete
IS 4Line existing storm ditch with limestone rip-rap at New Haven Avenue and Coal Creek.Complete
IS 5Enhance the appearance of streets.Not Initiated
IS 6Clean underbrush on east side on New Haven Avenue.Not Initiated
IS 7Coordinate dress-up of railroad right-of-way area.Not Initiated
IS 8Invite other industrial businesses to join an industrial park association.Not Initiated
IS 9Market this area as a good business location and provide information to Tulsa Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce, Oklahoma Department of Tourism and Commerce, and other appropriate entities to promote business in this area.Not Initiated
IS 10Maintenance will be performed by the Industrial division.Obsolete
IS 11Privately Funded Public Improvements: Joint ventures with the Private sector and the City of Tulsa to help enhance the Sequoyah Area.Not Initiated
Social Issues Projects
SI 1Create Òblock captainsÓ to be primary point of contact for neighborhood code violations, including parking violations and public safety/wellbeing.Obsolete
SI 2Use the system in place to report violations in the neighborhood.Ongoing
SI 3Clarify and understand the guidelines when using the system.Obsolete
SI 4Contact Code Enforcement to inspect older, dilapidated, fire charred structures as a way to improve the neighborhood.Ongoing
Goal 1: Improve the Sequoyah Area Neighborhood Public and Private Infrastructure
1.1Streets: Resurface Admiral Place from Harvard to Yale Avenue. Inspect the street system for strengths and weaknesses and resurface and repair all residential and commercial streets accordingly.In Progress
1.2Sidewalks: Repair/replace on all edges of Sequoyah Area Neighborhood (Admiral Place, Harvard Avenue, Pine Street, and Yale Avenue). Conduct inventory on neighborhood sidewalks and repair/replace as needed, focusing first on routes to schools and commercial areas. In Progress
1.3Water and Sewer: Inspect system for strengths and weaknesses. Ensure capacity areas are adequate to meet future industrial needs.Ongoing
1.4Parks and Recreation Areas: Improve and upgrade parks to better serve the community. Implement 10-year plan.In Progress
1.5Public Safety: Install streetlights and pedestrian crossing.Ongoing
1.6Improve Flood Protection: Address recurrent street flooding problems between Oswego Avenue and Quebec Avenue, South of Pine Street. Not Initiated
Goal 2: Stabilize and Improve Sequoyah Housing Market
2.1Neighborhood Inspections: Enforce zoning codes throughout study area.Ongoing
2.2Encourage more home ownership.Ongoing
2.3Encourage community and neighborhood pride.Ongoing
Goal 3: Impact the Economic Development in and around the Sequoyah Area Neighborhood
3.1Seek out and develop public and private partnerships to help fund and promote economic development in the area.In Progress
3.2Identify and convert underutilized commercial sites into office, light manufacturing and small warehouse facilities.Not Initiated
3.3Remove/rezone property at Admiral Place and Knoxville Avenue and propose a community center.Obsolete