Downtown Area Master Plan

Adopted in 2010, the Downtown Area Master Plan identified 42 implementation measures. As of July 1, 2021, about 26% of those implementation measures are complete or ongoing, and another 17% are in progress.


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2021 Report

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Implementation Status

RefImplementation MeasureStatus
1. Primary Two-Way Street Conversion (from One-way) Group
1.1Main StreetComplete
1.2Cheyenne AvenueNot Initiated
1.3Boulder AvenueComplete
1.4Cincinnati/Detroit Avenues within the Brady District; includes OSU-Tulsa Campus area roundaboutNot Initiated
1.54th StreetNot Initiated
2. Rail Transit Corridor Grade Separations (First Group)
2.1Cheyenne Avenue (Underpass); Pedestrian Only Crossing as an AlternateObsolete
2.2Elgin Avenue (Underpass)Not Initiated
2.3Frisco Avenue (Overpass of BNSF and 1st Street)Obsolete
2.4Greenwood Avenue (Underpass)Not Initiated
3. Independence Street Group
3.1Extension to Greenwood Avenue and Transit Bridge across Rail LinesNot Initiated
3.2Ramps to US 75 (North)Obsolete
4. Rail Transit Development
4.1Tracks and stopsNot Initiated
4.2Frisco Avenue Grade Separation and Closure of At-grade CrossingObsolete
4.3Southwest Boulevard Grade SeparationNot Initiated
4.4Arkansas River Rail BridgesComplete
4.5Rolling Stock and Maintenance FacilityNot Initiated
5. City Equipment and Materials
5.1City Equipment and Materials Move to New Site from “23rd & Jackson” SiteIn Progress
6. Sealed Corridor Phase 2
6.1Sealed Corridor Phase 2: 1st Street; 2nd Street and Lansing Avenue area; 3rd Street; Archer Street; Guthrie Avenue; Lansing Avenue; and Peoria AvenueIn Progress
7. Convention Center Group
7.1Tulsa Police Department (building)Not Initiated
7.2Demolition Portion of Civic CenterNot Initiated
7.3Acquisition/Replacement – Federal BuildingIn Progress
7.4Acquisition/Replacement – Central LibraryComplete
7.5Extension and 2-way Fifth Street into Civic PlazaComplete
8. Open Space Group
8.1East Village ParkNot Initiated
8.2Model Inner Dispersal Loop “Cap” at 3rd Street to 4th Street (east downtown) and Boulder Avenue to Main Street (south downtown)Not Initiated
8.3Interchange ParkNot Initiated
9. Continued Street Improvements
9.1Parking Structures (1 east, 1 south)Not Initiated
10. On Street Transit
10.1Boulder Avenue on-street transit (streetcar/trolley) corridor from Veterans Park to OSU-Tulsa/Langston Campus (replaces bus/soft wheel shuttle)Not Initiated
11. Centennial Walk
11.1Southwest Boulevard and Denver Avenue linkage-connection (part of Centennial Walk - phase 2 and 3)Not Initiated
12. Four Gateways
12.11st/2nd Streets at Union Pacific Rail Lines area - east end of downtownComplete
12.2Brady Village/Greenwood Areas - north end of downtown (2) at Detroit and Cincinnati AvenueComplete
12.37th Street exit ramp area in east downtown areaComplete
13. Boston Avenue Pedestrian Bridge
13.1Boston Avenue Pedestrian BridgeIn Progress
14. Downtown Street Resurfacing
14.1South of BNSF rail lines (streets remaining after completion of prior projects, including 3rd & Kenosha)In Progress
14.2North of BNSF rail lines, Brady Village, Greenwood, etc. (streets remaining after completion of prior projects)In Progress
15. Centennial Walk
15.1Portions of Phase 2 and Phase 3 ImprovementsNot Initiated
16. Downtown Housing and Residential
16.1Downtown Housing and ResidentialOngoing
17. Downtown Parking Garages
17.1Downtown Parking Garages and FacilitiesOngoing
18. Urban Gateways Program
18.1Urban Gateways ProgramNot Initiated
19. Downtown Traffic Signalization
19.1Downtown Traffic SignalizationObsolete
20. Trailhead Facility
20.1Trailhead FacilityComplete
21. Utilities
21.1Utility Relocations and Improvements (accommodating redevelopment sites)Ongoing