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⚠️¬†Comment on a Case

If you’d like to let the Planning Commission or Board of Adjustment know your thoughts on a case, please send an email to, and be sure to include the case number, along with your name and address. The Recording Secretary will include all email comments in the materials presented to the Commissioners for their review.

Our team works on a range of issues, not all of which are related to zoning. Using is the best way to share your thoughts on a case.





Current Planning (TMAPC/BOA)

Principal Planner, Current PlanningDwayne Wilkerson, ASLA, RLA918.579.9475Send Email
TMAPC Recording SecretaryKim Sawyer918.579.9413Send Email
BOA Recording SecretarySherri Tauber918.579.9449Send Email
Senior Planner, Subdivisions
Nathan Foster918.579.9481Send Email
Historic Preservation OfficerFelicity Good, AICP918.579.9456Send Email
County Board of Adjustment Administrator
Jay Hoyt918.579.9476Send Email
City Board of Adjustment Administrator
Austin Chapman, AICP918.579.9471Send Email
PlannerKendal Davis918.579.9485Send Email
PlannerDylan Siers918.579.9465Send Email
Assistant PlannerJeremy Banes918.579.9448Send Email

Planning & Design

Principal PlannerPaulina Baeza918.579.9447Send Email
Senior Planner, Comprehensive PlanningJohn Tankard918.579.9462Send Email
Senior Planner, Special ProgramsDennis Whitaker918.579.9457Send Email
Urban Design PlannerSamiul Haque918.579.9455Send Email
Assistant Planner
Roshita Taylor918.579.9450Send Email
Assistant PlannerAndrea Craig918.579.9437Send Email
Assistant PlannerPreslie Anderson918.579.9452Send Email
Assistant PlannerJuniper Hentz918.579.9423Send Email


Destination Districts ManagerSam Extance918.579.9454Send Email
Senior Planner, Implementation & CommunicationsDaniel Jeffries918.579.9434Send Email
Neighborhood PlannerDaniel Te918.579.9416Send Email


Director, Tulsa Planning OfficeSusan Miller, AICP918.579.9470Send Email