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⚠️¬†Comment on a Case

If you’d like to let the Planning Commission or Board of Adjustment know your thoughts on a case within the City of Tulsa, please send an email to, and be sure to include the case number, along with your name and address. The Recording Secretary will include all email comments in the materials presented to the Commissioners for their review.

To share your comments on cases outside of Tulsa city limits but within Tulsa County, send them to INCOG staff at




Current Planning (TMAPC/BOA)

Principal PlannerNathan Foster918.596.7609Send Email
Senior PlannerAustin Chapman, AICP918.596.7597Send Email
Senior PlannerFelicity Good, AICP918.596.7602Send Email
Historic Preservation PlannerSkylar Marlow-Fuson918.596.7614Send Email
PlannerDylan Siers918.596.7584Send Email
PlannerSean Wallace, AICP Candidate918.596.7585Send Email
Assistant PlannerRebecca Surber Cantu918.596.7619Send Email

Planning & Design

Principal PlannerPaulina Baeza918.596.7650Send Email
PlannerJeremy Banes918.596.7646Send Email
PlannerKia Shagena918.596.7645Send Email
PlannerSonu Malla918.596.7629Send Email
PlannerBradley Brown918.596.7658Send Email

Administration and Special Projects

Director, Tulsa Planning OfficeSusan Miller, AICP918.596.7130Send Email
Principal PlannerDaniel Jeffries, AICP918.596.7610Send Email
Senior Administrative Assistant; TMAPC Recording SecretaryKim Sawyer918.596.7582Send Email
Administrative Assistant; BOA Recording SecretaryCaleb Rocha918.596.7623Send Email

Community Development, Neighborhoods, and City Design Studio

Destination Districts ManagerSam Extance918.596.7651Send Email
Urban Design PlannerJuniper Hentz918.596.7578Send Email

INCOG Planning Services

For matters in unincorporated Tulsa County. Visit INCOG's website for more information.
ManagerDwayne Wilkerson, ASLA, RLA918.579.9475Send Email
Tulsa County Board of Adjustment AdministratorJay Hoyt918.579.9476Send Email