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For Tulsans to thrive, their neighborhoods must thrive. That is why the City of Tulsa is introducing the Neighborhood Conditions Index (NCI), an effort by the City of Tulsa to use data to guide the equitable investment of resources throughout the City and to assist residents in identifying assets and opportunities in their neighborhoods.  ​

City neighborhoods were grouped into 80 Neighborhood Statistical Areas. Using data from several public sources 80 NCI Reports were generated to cover every neighborhood in the City.

Beautiful communities do not happen by chance, it takes a community working together and sharing the responsibility. NCI is a tool for collaboration and community strengthening to empower residents to work together to improve the places where they live. The goal of NCI is to create opportunities and a platform for the City of Tulsa and neighborhoods to partner and work more closely together towards common goals.  ​

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Neighborhood Statistical Areas (NSA) Map

There are 80 Neighborhood Statistical Areas (NSA) that make up the City of Tulsa.

Use the map below to determine which NSA your neighborhood falls into. Then find your NSA in the list below to view your report.  

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