Public Participation

How can I participate in planning activities?

Be Informed

We value your participation, knowledge, and opinions. Having correct and relevant information, presenting your comments in a respectful and thoughtful way will give your comments more weight. Here are some ways to become informed:

  • Subscribe to our newsletter and customize it to your interests
  • Attend hearings of the Planning Commission, Boards of Adjustment, Arts Commission, Preservation Commission, or Route 66 Commission, or watch proceedings on TGOV (Cox channel 24) or online at
  • Read through the minutes of or watch recordings of previous hearings or meetings
  • Attend public meetings for specific planning projects
  • Read and familiarize yourself with relevant codes, plans, and regulations
  • Research related topics


Join Your Neighbors

  • Organize or join a neighborhood association, homeowner association, apartment association, business association, block group, or neighborhood watch


Speak Out, Serve

Your knowledge, opinions and suggestions can be helpful to decision-making bodies when presented in a respectful way. You may:

  • Submit comments in writing via a letter or email to the recording secretary of the board or commission you want to reach (allowing enough time for it to reach the decision makers, including your City Councilor)
  • Speak at the public hearing before the board or commission
  • Volunteer to serve on an authority, board, commission, committee, or advisory team


Suggestions for making presentations and giving comments before Boards and Commissions
  • Begin by stating your name and address.
  • Make your presentation brief, focused, respectful, and to the point. If there are many speakers, you may be limited to 3-5 minutes. Preparing notes in advance can help you keep your comments brief and focused on the points you want to make. Keep in mind that boards and commissions cannot consider finances in their decisions, so avoid financial remarks.
  • Choose one speaker to represent a group. If you are part of a larger group (such as a neighborhood association) and several people wish to speak, it is best to select one speaker to present your group’s support or concerns, or to select one person per topic that the group wishes to address.
  • Keep the discussion relevant. Focus your comments on actions the board or commission can take, and try to avoid issues that fall outside their jurisdiction (e.g. code violations, water taps, utility services, storm water management).
  • Say it once. Don’t repeat what previous speakers have already said. If your point has been made by someone else, you can choose to not speak (even if you’ve already signed up to speak).
  • Send an email or letter if you cannot attend. You may submit comments/feedback to the recording secretaries of each board or commission by email or mail in advance of the meeting. View Staff Directory