Zoning Code Interpretations

ID#Code SectionRelated Code Section(s)DateTopicSynopsis
2017-01Chapter 95 - Definitions55.090-F.3September 22, 2017Definition of driveway for purpose of measuring maximum width"Driveway" shall mean the appropriately surfaced path of vehicular travel between the street and the street setback(s) of the subject property.
2017-01Chapter 95 - Definitions95.19September 22, 2017Definition of parking areaThe vehicular driving surfaces and parking area which includes the parking spaces, the maneuvering areas necessary to enter and exit the spaces and the drives and driveways providing access to the parking spaces and maneuvering areas from a public or private street or other parking areas.
2017-02Chapter 60 - Signs60.130-C.2November 6, 2017Spacing requirements for outdoor advertising signsPermitted outdoor advertising signs are granted the same consideration as an existing sign when verifying spacing requirements for placement.
2018-01Chapter 70 - Review and Approval Procedures70.080-BMay 17, 2018Sidewalk requirementsPermits requiring a certificate of occupancy require sidewalk installation prior to issuance of a certificate of occupancy per this provision and section 5-070 of the Tulsa Metropolitan Area Subdivision and Development Regulations.
2019-01Chapter 30 - Legacy DistrictsPUD-230September 9, 2019Uses permitted within PUD-230The only principal and accessory uses allowed within PUD-230 are the same as those permitted in the OL District, plus barber and beauty shops. Schools are allowed only by special exception; to allow by right requires a major amendment to the PUD.
2020-01Chapter 35 - Building Types and Use Categories35.010-L - Mixed-Use Building, VerticalApril 20, 2020Definition of a vertical mixed-use buildingVertical Mixed-use building requires at least one commercial presence at ground floor; at least one residential presence at upper floors; and does not prohibit more of either on any floor.
2020-01Chapter 35 - Building Types and Use Categories35.010-M - Mixed-Use BuildingApril 20, 2020Definition of a mixed-use buildingMixed-use building does not dictate what floor Commercial or Residential is located on as long as the building has both.