As announced in the Tulsa World, the City of Tulsa functions in the Tulsa Planning Office will be transitioning from INCOG to the City of Tulsa on July 1, 2023.

The move to City Hall includes the City support for the Planning Commission, City of Tulsa Board of Adjustment, Tulsa Preservation Commission, Destination Districts, Vibrant Neighborhoods Partnership, and support for the Tulsa Arts Commission and Route 66 Commission.

This move is one component of the newly created Department of City Experience, and is a recognition of the high quality of work produced by the planning team in the past four years.

It will build on efforts to increase collaboration within the City and the public. Locating planning, zoning, permitting, code enforcement, and public works together will result in a more straightforward customer service experience for people doing business with the City.

As part of the reorganization, planning staff interested in moving to the City will go through the City’s standard hiring process, likely beginning in March, but there are no major changes expected in the key staff currently managing programs. Planning functions regarding Tulsa County will remain at INCOG.

All operations, public hearings, and programs, including those that are specific to Tulsa County, will operate as usual during the transition.


New Contact Information

To contact the Tulsa Planning Office for City of Tulsa-related business with the Planning Commission and City of Tulsa Board of Adjustment as of July 1, 2023, write or call:

Tulsa Planning Office
175 E. 2nd St., Suite 480
Tulsa, OK 74103