Southwest Tulsa

Adopted in 2009 (Phase 1) and 2011 (Phase 2), the Southwest Tulsa Neighborhood Revitalization Plan identified 78 implementation measures. As of July 1, 2021, about 55% of those implementation measures are complete or ongoing, and another 13% are in progress.


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Implementation Status

RefImplementation MeasureStatus
Goal 1Eliminate substandard housing the most effective way (rehabilitate and infill)Ongoing
Goal 2License all non-owner-occupied properties to raise standards for housingIn Progress
Goal 3Increase density - to generate interest in development of retail and groceryIn Progress
Goal 4Create sidewalks for pedestrians and bicyclesIn Progress
Goal 5Bury PSO linesNot Initiated
Goal 6Create more buffer zones between mixed use zoned lotsNot Initiated
Goal 7Create/develop the market place to bring retail and grocery stores to the areaIn Progress
Goal 8Take advantage of ODOT Safe Routes to SchoolsIn Progress
Goal 9Create a proper mix of residential and commercial zoningOngoing
Goal 10Support code enforcement staff in identifying and eliminating blighting influencesOngoing
Goal 11Planned Unit Developments (PUD’s) are encouraged in order to minimize the impact of proposed uses of adjacent low intensity residential areas.Obsolete
Goal 12Support the Campus PlanNot Initiated
Goal 13Participate in the implementation of Route 66 Vision 2025 projectsOngoing
Goal 14Support the Redfork Main Street programOngoing
Goal 15Recruit potential developers and TIF sites (such as Tulsa Hills)In Progress
Goal 16Support the development of the west bank of the riverOngoing
Goal 17Connect the trail system (Cherry Creek and Mooser Creek) to River Parks and Turkey MountainIn Progress
Goal 18Support infill development to the north to decrease migration south of 61st WestObsolete
Southwest Planning Team Concepts
SPT 1.1Preserve the 1950s filling station on the northwest corner of 17th street and Southwest BoulevardComplete
SPT 1.2Introduce mixed-use, walkable infill development on the west side of Southwest BoulevardNot Initiated
SPT 1.3Incorporate an on-street bicycle lane to 23rd street and design according to the INCOG bicycle pedestrian planNot Initiated
SPT 1.4Seek approval from the Oklahoma Department of Transportation for 120-150 parking spaces under the highway bridge just north of 17th street and across from OSU Osteopathic Campus, and a parking access driveway off of Southwest BoulevardNot Initiated
SPT 1.5Introduce two bike lanes, two parallel parking lanes, and a center turning lane along Southwest Boulevard from the Arkansas River to 23rd Street.Not Initiated
SPT 1.6Incorporate thematic benches and street furniture; and coordinate streetlights, banners, and street trees on either side of Southwest Boulevard from the Arkansas River to 23rd Street to help define the area.Not Initiated
SPT 1.7Incorporate a new outdoor campus at the OSU Osteopathic site that would add to walkability and give the university a “sense of place”Not Initiated
SPT 1.8Transform one or more bus stops along Southwest Boulevard to include a Route 66 themeNot Initiated
SPT 1.9Add railroad themed intersection crosswalks at 17th Street to Oklahoma State University and other sitesNot Initiated
SPT 2.1Bury all above ground utility linesNot Initiated
SPT 3.1Renovate craftsman Bungalow as an element of the Route 66 byway facilityObsolete
SPT 4.1Support redevelopment of greyfield, currently owned by a private developerOngoing
Route 66: Southwest Blvd alignment
R66 1West approach area to Cyrus Avery Route 66 Memorial Bridge - Avery Park SouthwestComplete
R66 2Cyrus Avery Route 66 Memorial Bridge - Refurbish to 1930’s era appearanceIn Progress
R66 3Area of 33rd West Avenue - Gateway: design and engineering analysis phaseComplete
R66 4Arkansas River to 33rd West Avenue - informational road signsComplete
R66 5Red Fork (Commercial District: 25th West Avenue to 27th West Avenue) - StreetscapingComplete
R66 6Arkansas River to West 23rd Street - StreetscapingComplete
R66 7Arkansas River to 33rd West Avenue - Route 66 PlantersComplete
R66 8Streetscaping from 27th WA to 33rd WAComplete
R66 93600-3800 block of Southwest Boulevard - acquisition for Frisco Train SiteComplete
R66 103600-3800 block of Southwest Boulevard - public site improvements: design phaseComplete
R66 11Arkansas River to 33rd West Avenue - Historic/Pearl preservationOngoing
R66 12Arkansas River to 33rd West Avenue - Route SignageComplete
R66 1327th West Avenue - artwork commemorating Sue Bland Oil WellComplete
R66 14Howard Park - artwork commemorating rail, oil and cattleComplete
Trails and Sidewalks
TS 1Complete design and construction of Union Pacific Railroad underpass to allow for the reopening of Cherry Creek trailComplete
TS 2Mooser Creek Trail projectNot Initiated
TS 3Create amphitheater at the northeast portion of the Remington Elementary site along Mooser Creek TrailNot Initiated
TS 4Proposed sidewalk improvements along S Union Avenue between Southwest Boulevard and West 61st StreetNot Initiated
TS 5Proposed sidewalk improvements along S 33rd West Avenue between Southwest Boulevard and I-244In Progress
Transportation Park
TP 1Prepare site for development, addressing site contours, vegetation, fill dirt, and existing utilitiesComplete
TP 2Attend to and improve utility services, address electrical, water, sanitary sewer, stormwater requirements, and an Arkansas River ‘canal.’Complete
TP 3Design lighting in a variety of forms consistent with Historic Route 66 stylingComplete
TP 4Strategically pave site spaces, focusing on historical appearance and integrity, stormwater requirements, and consistency with railroad gradeComplete
TP 5Safely develop railroad elements of site, including the railbed, railroad crossing, and station platformComplete
TP 6Incorporate safe and effective sidewalk and pedestrian designComplete
TP 7Landscape development should incorporate planter features, borders, more trees, should keep existing grass, and preserve existing treesOngoing
TP 8Implement site security which addresses the existing fence, incorporates alarms, and includes wrought iron fencing along Southwest BoulevardComplete
TP 9Ensure Route 66 Transportation Park site operation includes local groups’ input, an audio system, and historic signage.Complete
Byway Facility
BF 1Restore 1920s Craftsman Bungalow to original condition--including the gable covered front porch, drop false bevel siding, exposed rafter tails, and triangular knee braces--to provide a focal point for byway travelers.Obsolete
BF 2Construct an outdoor pavilion with parking area behind the remodeled Craftsman Bungalow byway facilityIn Progress
Campus Plan
CP 1Include infrastructure needs in study, such as sidewalks, intersections, traffic calming, pedestrian circulation, and linkages between the various Tulsa Public Schools, neighborhoods, and Park system.Complete
CP 2As a part of the study, analyze the sidewalk system, transportation corridors serving the general area, design considerations, and a ten year update for the Reed Park plan.In Progress
CP 3Allow for access to Reed Park from all three school campuses.Ongoing
CP 4Improve intersection at 41st and Union to provide a “gateway” for Tulsa Trails System joggers/bikers into Reed Park from the east.Obsolete
CP 5Improve intersection at 40th and Union to be consistent with the intersection at 41st and Union, and to provide an entry way to the schoolObsolete
CP 6At the intersection of Yukon and Southwest Boulevard, rebuild Yukon with overlay, curb, and gutter.Not Initiated
CP 7Incorporate a themed crosswalk across 37th Street just south of the intersection of Yukon and Southwest BoulevardNot Initiated
CP 8At the intersection of 25th W. Ave., W. 41st St., and Southwest Boulevard, create a mural for the north wall of the insurance office on 25th West Avenue depicting the Route 66 train site.Complete
CP 9At the intersection of 25th W. Ave., W. 41st St., and Southwest Boulevard, incorporate crosswalks depicting railroad tracks in rubberized paint with centered Webster blue emblem.Not Initiated
Housing Study
HS 1Goal 1: To provide a discussion of the general socio-economic and housing character of Southwest TulsaComplete
HS 2Goal 2: To identify housing stock, needs, and conditions, and present new permit data to determine more market rates and owner-occupied housing constructionComplete
HS 3Goal 3: To identify, by definition and geographical location, vulnerable populations, i.e., lower income families, minorities, and elderly.Complete
HS 4Goal 4: To identify programs available to address the housing needs in the study area.Complete
HS 5Goal 5: To stabilize the housing stock by increasing density and maintaining livability and walkability; to improve the sense of neighborhood through infill lots and linkages.Complete
HS 6Goal 6: Relationships of housing to the public-school student census, racial and ethnic composition, household size and family income.Complete
HS 7Goal 7: Provide information during Comprehensive Plan Update (planitulsa) to accomplish infill housing development.Complete
HS 8Goal 8: Promote quality and well-maintained properties and clean up vacant lots.Complete
HS 9Goal 9: Promote installation of sewer mains to underserved areas.Complete