Brady Arts District Small Area Plan

Adopted in 2013, the Brady Arts District Small Area Plan identified 72 implementation measures. As of July 1, 2020, a​bout 81% of those implementation measures are complete or ongoing, and another 9% are in progress.


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Implementation Status

RefImplementation MeasureStatus
Goal 1: Create and maintain a historic and aesthetically distinctive area.
1.1Preserve/restore historic structures and other assetsOngoing
1.2Develop public art and gateways to enhance the historic character and creative spiritOngoing
1.3Install streetscaping and greenspaces complementing the character. (Reference streetscape plan)Ongoing
1.4Encourage unique, locally-owned retail, restaurants, and other businesses. Ongoing
Goal 2: Maintain and build upon district entertainment and cultural venues and activities.
2.1Establish consistent name, image, and brand to represent the district’s character.Ongoing
2.2Promote existing venues including Cain’s, Brady Theater, artist studios/galleries, nightclubs, bars.Ongoing
2.3Build complementary programming relationships with ONEOK Ballpark, John Hope Franklin Memorial, Greenwood Cultural Center, Living Arts, Philbrook/Adkins Collection, Arts and Humanities’ Visual Art Center, Oklahoma Jazz Hall of Fame, OSU-Tulsa, Langston University, and other area attractions. Ongoing
2.4Assist in development of new assets such as festivals, galleries, farmers’ market, museums and venues featuring music, energy and regional history. Ongoing
Goal 3: Encourage amenities that benefit a mixed-use community.
3.1Attract grocery and daily retail and services.In Progress
3.2Develop attractive and useful public spaces.Ongoing
3.3Provide accessibility by multi-modal transportation.Ongoing
3.4Create safe pedestrian crossings and connections.Ongoing
3.5Develop adequate and appropriate street and structured parking.Ongoing
Goal 4: Create a safe environment for residents and visitors.
4.1Install good lighting and wayfinding systemsOngoing
4.2Slow traffic, add semaphores, and create safe crossings. Ongoing
4.3Add police patrolsOngoing
4.4Increase 18-hour presenceOngoing
Goal 5: Connect and cooperate constructively with neighboring assets.
5.1Facilitate easy movement through multi-modal transportation options.Ongoing
5.2Create identifiable transitions to Downtown, Greenwood, Blue Dome, BOK Center, OSU-Tulsa, and Langston University. In Progress
5.3Mitigate presence of jail, social service facilities, and vacant properties.Ongoing
Goal 6: Provide mixed income residential and live/work options.
6.1Develop live/work options for artists and craftspeopleOngoing
6.2Develop housing for downtown workforceOngoing
6.3Develop housing options for studentsOngoing
Goal 7: Create a model energy efficient, sustainable community.
7.1Utilize the park or other public realm spaces for geothermal energyComplete
7.2Promote alternative energy sources for new and existing structuresOngoing
7.3Encourage energy efficiency retro-fitting of existing buildingsOngoing
7.4Encourage energy efficient new construction using state of the art technologiesOngoing
Goal 8: Develop and support active management, promotion, and advocacy for The Brady Arts District.
8.1Empower and strengthen an existing or new entity to coordinate and speak for Brady interestComplete
8.2Establish internal communication tools to connect Brady stakeholdersComplete
8.3Establish vehicles for communication of Brady planning and activity externallyComplete
8.4Advocate actively with the city in relation to service allocations and other needs and concernsOngoing
8.5Highlight Brady organizations and businesses through ongoing marketing and the coordination of activities, events, and promotions. Ongoing
Goal 9: Include general design guidelines supportive of cohesive, quality infill development for the district.
9.1Customer and tenant parking have been historically provided on-street, in the rear of buildings, in off-street parking lots or adjacent parking lots. This pattern is to continue with the addition of off-street parking structures placed behind primary land uses. Major parking structures are intended to be mixed use with non-parking uses fronting at street level to adjoining streets.Ongoing
9.2Provide additional off-street parking facilities through private, public or joint private-public partnerships.Ongoing
9.3Avoid and reduce conflicts between utility poles, lines and equipment, and pedestrians and vehicles.Ongoing
9.4Respect adjacent buildings through consideration of mass, rhythm, scale, setback, height, building materials, texture and related design elements when developing or redeveloping in the area. (see ES6)In Progress
9.5Establish a strong sense of entry into and out from the Brady Village area. Techniques that are recommended include provision of intersection improvements and special pedestrian crossing treatments; provision of special lighting, landscape and/or murals at the Interstate 244 bridge underpasses; improved maintenance painting at the Interstate 244 bridge underpasses; and special murals, banners and signs at appropriate entry points into Brady Village.Ongoing
9.6Refuse containers for business operations will be placed from public view or screened with appropriate materials and gated to allow closure from public view and to control the spreading of trash. Appropriate screening includes wooden fences with cap-rails and base-rails, landscaping, or masonry walls or any combination of the above, so long as the refuse containers are appropriately screened from view and provide ready access for the businesses.Ongoing
9.7Coordinate wayfinding signs within the district with the adopted wayfinding system for Downtown Tulsa.Ongoing
9.8Coordinate landscape plans within the district with the ÒDowntown Streetscape Master PlanÓ prepared for Downtown Tulsa and adopted by the Downtown Coordinating Council.Ongoing
Actions: Preservation
1.1Proceed to establish National Registered Historic Districts as recommended and supported by the Brady Village Owners Association, the City of Tulsa, and the Oklahoma Historic Preservation Office. Complete
1.2Research district preservation grants and other resources available.Ongoing
1.3Organize educational events/symposia for stakeholders, property owners, and residents within the Brady Historic District regarding financial opportunities, preservation, and heritage issues.Ongoing
1.4Involve local arts and creative community in projects and activities to increase awareness of built heritage and the importance of understanding it and building on it.Ongoing
1.5Explore and develop a fund for building façade improvements in keeping with district character.Not Initiated
Actions: Public art
2.1Work cooperatively to strengthen and attract complementary and viable cultural assets and activitiesOngoing
2.2Carefully choose events and strictly manage the brand of the district.Ongoing
2.3Articulate a clear mission/purpose for public art for Brady; seek adoption by Tulsa Arts CommissionNot Initiated
2.4Develop an ongoing entity to plan, implement, and maintain public art projectsOngoing
2.5Develop functional description for an ongoing overall coordination and marketing entity for Brady.Complete
2.6Maintain relationships with cultural organizations in adjacent districts to maximize cooperation, scheduling, collaborative marketing, and other opportunities. Ongoing
Actions: Placemaking
3.1Rebuild Boulder Bridge with pedestrian and transit capacitiesComplete
3.2Improve appearance and lighting of Boston pedestrian bridge; study structural rehabilitationComplete
3.3Implement branding including public art and banners as part of streetscapingOngoing
3.4Develop Brady Town Square as multi-purpose public amenityComplete
3.5Phase streetscaping to extend from Ballpark and Greenwood into Brady and connecting with downtown, Blue Dome District, BOK center, etc. In Progress
3.6Alter Detroit and Cincinnati to become two-way streets with signaling and traffic calmingNot Initiated
3.7Install lighting for safety and aesthetic improvement in character with historic districtOngoing
3.8Implement bike path plan to improve multi-modal access to areaIn Progress
3.9Explore security enhancements, including police substation and bike patrolsOngoing
3.1Improve lighting and visual appearance of inter-state overpasses on north side of Brady, and improve pedestrian access to OSU-Tulsa and Langston University campuses. Ongoing
Actions: Building, Owning, Investing
4.1Establish 3-year residential population goals for Brady, linked with downtown housing studyIn Progress
4.2Offer mixed urban lifestyle options and other strategies to attract new residentsOngoing
4.3Continue efforts to renovate upper levels of historic buildings for housingOngoing
4.4Conduct a formal parking survey to understand current district wide supply and demand and the future impacts of proposed shared parking facilities, diagonal on-street parking, and the impacts of a parking permit system for residents and workers.Complete
4.5Develop "Welcome Package" for new residents and connect them to food and beverage establishmentsNot Initiated
4.6Pursue grants to develop energy and recycling systems to make Brady a demonstration areaComplete
4.7Establish development objectives for new construction housing projects, including “walk-up” row house or town home optionsNot Initiated
4.8Develop strategies to bring capital partners to the table to encourage investingComplete
4.9Develop and implement a fund for storefront improvements.Not Initiated
4.1Encourage and support development of grocery store.In Progress
Actions: Getting it done
5.1Formalize BVMA as a membership organization, including owners and others in governanceComplete
5.2Prioritize annual program of activitiesOngoing
5.3Develop business plan for support of the Association including key annual income-generating eventsComplete
5.4Explore implementation of Main Street ProgramNot Initiated
5.5Establish formal internal communication network among members and with broader communityComplete
5.6Form committees as needed around marketing, partnerships, events, advocacy, and investingComplete
5.7Set up a one-stop shop for development incentives in the neighborhood, either online or in a storefrontOngoing
5.8Seek City Council adoption of this plan as an update to the March 2003 Brady Plan, and as a Small Area Plan within planitulsa.Complete
5.9Schedule quarterly review of this plan by the BVOANot Initiated