Vision Arts 3 Highlights

In April 2016, voters approved Vision Tulsa, which included approved funding for a program that supports arts projects which stimulate economic development throughout Tulsa.

Money was set aside for the Tulsa Arts Commission to provide annual arts support over a 15-year cycle, with a total amount of $150,000 awarded every year to eligible organizations.

In June 2022, the Mayor approved the 12 organizations that were recommended by the Arts commission to receive $150,000 in grants.

To the right is a list of all organizations who received grants from Vision Arts 3, along with a brief description of how the funds are used.

Theatre North’s production of Jitney

American Theatre Company

The grant will support American Theatre Company in their adaption of “A Christmas Carol”. It has been a Tulsa holiday tradition for 40+ years and one of the longest-running productions of the story in the U.S. ($12,500 / December 2022)

Choregus Productions

The Summer Heat International Dance Festival from Choregus Productions brings together 3-5 dance companies from the United States and abroad for performances in Tulsa. The festival includes performances, master classes, and a variety of community engagement activities, including many for under-served communities. ($10,000 / June 2022)

Heller Theatre Company

Five to seven short plays receive their world premiere under one roof in the annual short play festival by Heller Theatre Company. “Heller Shorts” offers a unique experience for artists, creatives, and for the Tulsa audience. ($10,000 / August 2022)

Kendall Whittier Main Street

Regenerate & Reimagine by Kendall Whittier Main Street is an exploratory public art initiative that focuses on public art as an economic development strategy. Local artists are invited to reimagine neighborhood storefronts to be reflective of business concepts the community wishes to see. Each installation will have a web presence that provides awareness around how an individual might be able to bring an idea to life! ($15,000 / March thru December 2022)

Living Arts Tulsa

The grant to Living Arts Tulsa supports 13 exhibitions focusing on contemporary issues such as domestic violence, how the body communicates, disabilities, grief, cultural identity, and environmental decay. ($20,000 / January thru December 2022)

Philbrook Museum of Art

The eagerly anticipated exhibition at Philbrook Museum of Art tells the story of two of the 20th century’s most iconic artists, Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera, their tumultuous love affair, and their shared aim of rebuilding a vibrant national identity in post-revolution Mexico. ($15,000 / July thru September 2022)

The Church Studio

The Church Studio‘s Leon Lifer Shindig and Conference focuses on the music industry, music education, and Tulsa’s rich music history while celebrating what would have been Leon Russell’s 80th birthday. The event includes speakers, musical performances, classes, celebrations, and art exhibitions. ($15,000 / April 2022)

Theatre North

The grant will support the production of Jitney, by Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright, August Wilson. Theatre North emphasizes the artistic and cultural industry within Tulsa through the African American experience in the medium of theatre. The play features a local cast. ($10,000 / February 2022)

Tulsa Community Band

Outgoing U.S. Poet Laureate and Muscogee (Creek) artist, Joy Harjo, will be celebrated through a free concert by the Tulsa Community Band celebrating Joy’s connection to community bands, poetry, and community. ($5,000 / Venue and date TBD)

Tulsa Global District

The grant supports a Tulsa Global District project that will use public art to highlight the unique cultural diversity of Tulsa Global District. Four murals by local artists will be installed in the commercial district to create a sense of place by representing the diverse voices and culture that make up the community. ($15,000 / May 2022)

Tulsa Inclusive Entertainment

The grant will support a new monthly multimedia series from Twisted Arts called Reel Q, where the organization will host monthly screenings at Circle Cinema. The goal is to unite Oklahoma’s LGBTQ+ community with artists, audiences, and scholars in order to exchange ideas and ignite conversations. Reel Q events are for all ages and open to the public. ($10,000 / February thru September 2022)

Tulsa Performing Arts Center

The Orbit Initiative aims to engage Tulsa in the arts while focusing on reaching Tulsa’s communities, specifically those that have been excluded from representation and service. It aims to restore and build community by connecting people through theatre at various satellite locations. They offer free arts classes, seminars, and opportunities for youth to be involved in stage productions, which are presented to the public for free. ($12,500 / January thru June 2022)