Eugene Field Small Area Plan

Eugene Field Small Area Plan

Adopted in 2013, the Eugene Field Small Area Plan identified 62 implementation measures (including sub-measures). As of July 1, 2021, about 27% of those implementation measures are complete or ongoing. A large percentage of this plan (44%) is in progress and will be implemented as part of the CHOICE Neighborhoods Grant, which was awarded to the Tulsa Housing Authority and City of Tulsa in 2018.


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Implementation Status

RefImplementation MeasureStatus
Housing – Development
Redevelop Brightwater Apartments as a newly constructed mixed-income, mixed-use development offering a variety of housing options.In Progress
1.1Phase 1 - 93 garden apartments, 12 townhouse units, park, and management building (LEED).Complete
1.2Phase 2 - 42 garden apartments and 29 townhouse units.In Progress
1.3Phase 3 - 27 garden apartments, 48 townhomes, and 76 mixed-use apartments. In Progress
2Increase homeownership opportunities, acquire and rehab existing homes. Ongoing
3Construct new single-family homes on infill lots.Not Initiated
4Redevelop Riverview Park Apartments as newly constructed mixed-income housing.In Progress
5Redevelop Western Pine Apartments as newly constructed mixed-income, mixed-use development. Not Initiated
Housing – Policy
6Re-zone Brightwaters redevelopment area as a PUD.Complete
7Re-zone future development areas as appropriate.Ongoing
8Require new developments achieve green and sustainable best building practices.In Progress
Parks & Open Space – Development: Improve and/or develop four levels of parks and open space throughout the neighborhood.
9Regional Park - River West Festival Park: implement improvements as budgeted.Complete
10.1Neighborhood Park- West Tulsa Park: Convert to true neighborhood park with community desired amenitiesIn Progress
10.2Neighborhood Park- West Tulsa Park: Surround park with housing to establish “eyes” on the park.In Progress
11Pocket Parks: develop throughout the neighborhood as part of overall development plan.In Progress
12Tot-lots and community gardens: include within each block of newly developed area.In Progress
Trails & Bike Lanes – Development: Link all levels of park and open space via a neighborhood trail system.
13Develop 10’ wide greenway trail along West 22nd Street from Southwest Boulevard to River West Festival Park.In Progress
14Create neighborhood loop along South Jackson Avenue with the development of a new bike lane and multi-use trail.Not Initiated
15Provide wayfinding signage, interpretive panels, trail markers throughout neighborhood. In Progress
16Incorporate shade structures, seating areas, adjacent on-street parking, native, drought resistant plants along trail system. Not Initiated
Parks & Open Space/ Trails & Bike Lanes - Policy
17Establish guidelines for park amenities appropriate for each level of park development, lighting, seating, pavilions, open lawn space, walkways, trails, and place species. Complete
18Require new development to incorporate trails, bike lanes, park and open spaces as appropriate. In Progress
Public Improvements - Development
Restore north/south street grid to reconnect neighborhood.
19.1Extend South Maybelle Avenue to newly extended West 22nd StreetComplete
19.2Extend South Nogales Avenue from West 21st Street to West 22nd StreetIn Progress
19.3Extend South Phoenix Avenue from West 21st Street to West 22nd StreetIn Progress
Reconnect east/west street grid via West 22nd Street.
20.1Extend West 22nd Street from Southwest Boulevard to South Phoenix AvenueComplete
20.2Extend West 22nd Street from South Nogales Avenue to South Jackson AvenueComplete
21Rebuild stormwater infrastructure in redevelopment area.In Progress
22Install traffic signal at South Nogales Avenue and West 23rd Street meet ADA requirements.Not Initiated
Improve Southwest Boulevard.
23.1Expand Southwest Boulevard right-of-way to 100’ and streetscape.In Progress
23.2Construct continuous 21’6” sidewalk along all new development sites, and include street trees and lighting.In Progress
Improve West 23rd Street from Southwest Boulevard to bridge.
24.1Eliminate center turn laneNot Initiated
24.2Narrow lanes and improve pedestrian crossingNot Initiated
24.3Construct 14’ sidewalk on both sides of street to facilitate commercial activityIn Progress
Improve South Jackson Street from West 25th Street to Southwest Boulevard.
25.1Narrow existing lanes to 12’ and add 8’ bike lanesNot Initiated
25.2Widen existing sidewalk on western side of street to 10’In Progress
Public Improvements – Policy
26Establish guidelines for street and sidewalk improvements to facilitate pedestrians, cyclists, and commercial development. In Progress
27Require new developments to include street and sidewalk improvements per established guidelines.Complete
Transportation – Development
28Create a parking reserve for River West Festival Park under I-244 Expressway.Not Initiated
29Add additional bus shelters at key locations.Not Initiated
30Improve and add cycling routes throughout the neighborhood.Not Initiated
Transportation – Policy/Actions
31Use City of Tulsa maintenance yard parking lots for River West Festival Park events.Not Initiated
32Create on-street parking throughout the neighborhood.In Progress
Economic Development – Development
33Identify job opportunities and verify skills needed to fulfill jobs.Ongoing
34Work with job training providers to design customized training programs for Eugene Field residents.Ongoing
35Establish a façade improvement program for commercial corridors.In Progress
36Implement business district identification program.Not Initiated
37Connect resident entrepreneurs and small businesses to existing technical assistance programs and loan funds.Ongoing
38Establish a Farmers Market in cooperation with Red Fork Main Street.Not Initiated
Economic Development – Policy/Actions
39Develop a defined character for Southwest Boulevard and West 23rd Street.In Progress
40Develop design standards for commercial corridors.Complete
41Complete property analysis for existing commercial properties.Not Initiated
42Survey all existing businesses.Not Initiated
43Market existing sites to potential retailers and consumer service providers.Not Initiated
44Establish Southwest Boulevard as an office address/institutional users.Obsolete
45Establish West 23rd Street as primary retail corridor.Ongoing
46Establish corner of South Nogales Avenue and West 23rd Street as area of concentration for neighborhood retail.In Progress
47Focus auto-oriented commercial users closer to freeway near intersection of West 23rd Street and Southwest Boulevard.Ongoing
Health & Wellness – Development
48Improve access to fresh fruits and vegetables through the expansion of Harvest Market and Global Gardens.In Progress
Health & Wellness – Policy
49Improve transit options, connect residents to jobs and broader range of food choices.Ongoing
50Improve recreational opportunities to encourage physical fitness.In Progress
51Improve access to health and wellness education access.In Progress