Peoria Connection


Peoria Connection is a Vision-funded economic development initiative to make the areas along North Peoria Avenue from 56th Street North to Mohawk Boulevard more attractive for new development and to increase neighborhood pride. The City of Tulsa and Tulsa Planning Office are working with the North Tulsa Economic Development Initiative (NTEDi) to improve sidewalks, install new street lighting, plant new shade trees and landscaping, beautify and repair buildings and public spaces, and more.

Project Area

N. Peoria Ave. from 56th St. N. to Mohawk Blvd.


The project includes new sidewalks, new LED lighting on powder-coated poles, 150+ new trees, and planting beds to beautify the area, supported by community clean-ups led by volunteers and supported by the City of Tulsa.

When completed, the streetscaping, lighting, and landscaping will make the corridor more attractive and encourage new development. It will also bring the community together several times to work on removing litter and graffiti, and improving building facades.



Several sidewalk projects are included, and range from repairing and replacing existing sidewalks in poor condition to the installation of new sidewalks where there are none today.


Existing street lights along North Peoria Avenue will be replaced by energy-efficient LED lights mounted on attractive, powder-coated poles, and they will be arranged to make lighting along the corridor more consistent.

Trees and Landscaping

We have been working with the Tulsa-based nonprofit Up With Trees to add more than 150 new trees along North Peoria. Trees and plants were selected for their beauty, ease of maintenance, and ability to surviveOklahoma’s extreme weather conditions, and a long-term maintenance agreement will keep all the plants and trees healthy for years to come.

Community Clean-Ups

Several community clean-ups are planned, led by volunteers at NTEDi and supported by the City of Tulsa and Tulsa Planning Office. The first cleanup, held in September 2021, resulted in 12.92 tons of litter, trash, and debris removed along North Peoria Avenue from 56th to 46th Streets North, plus graffiti removal. Additional clean-ups are planned for 46th to 36th Street North and from 36th Street North to Mohawk Boulevard.

Addressing Code Enforcement Issues

One important component to this project’s success is cleaning up properties and addressing code issues. In September 2021, this group led a volunteer litter cleanup and graffiti removal event along Peoria Avenue between 56th & 46th Streets North. Seventy volunteers hauled away 12.92 tons of litter, junk, and debris in the process. That made a big difference, but now we need your help to take the transformation to the next level. Many properties in the area have one or more code violations, so we are asking property owners like you to take a look at the list of common issues below and to start working on correcting any problems.

Beginning December 15, 2021, code enforcement officers assessed all remaining code violations and are contacting property owners directly to address the violations.

Common Property Problems

Trash/Junk/Debris – Trash, junk, and debris cannot be left in a yard, and must be disposed of properly. Unacceptable items include auto parts, tires, appliances, furniture, building materials, paper, plastics, cardboard, household trash, and tree trimmings.

Fence Issues – Barbed wire is not allowed in residential or commercial areas. Many fences in the area are in disrepair and need replacing. Some fences are located in the right-of-way and need to be moved back to the property line, and other fences are too tall. Fences are only allowed to be up to four feet tall in front areas and eight feet tall in the back and side.

Inoperable Vehicles – Inoperable vehicles may be towed or issued a citation. Inoperable vehicles can have flat tires, missing parts, out of date tags, or missing license plates. They cannot be parked in the yard, street, or driveway, cannot be used for storage, and must be in a fully enclosed structure.

Sign Issues – Signs are not allowed in the public right-of-way (including yard signs, banners, and flag signs). Abandoned signs for uses that no longer exist must also be removed, and broken signs must be repaired or removed. Signs must also not block views around driveways or intersections. Digital signs must not include any animation, blinking, flashing, scrolling, etc. and each message must stay on the screen for at least 8 seconds. Signs may not be attached to or painted on inoperable vehicles, and vehicles wrapped or painted with signs may not be parked in between the front of the building and the street. Read Chapter 60 of the Zoning Code for more information:

Graffiti – It is the responsibility of property owners to remove graffiti.

Peeling, Flaking, or Chipped Paint –Peeling, flaking, or chipped paint on exterior surfaces must be eliminated and the surface must be repainted to protect the surface from deterioration, rot, or rust.

Groups Involved

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Focus Areas

Map of Focus Areas within the Peoria Connection Project

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If you have questions about code enforcement issues, contact Brant Pitchford at or 918-576-5630.

For questions about the overall Peoria Connection project, contact Susan Miller at or Dr. Lana Turner-Addison at



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