Peoria BRT Land Use Framework

In 2016, the Tulsa Planning Office led a project team including The Lakota Group to complete a land use study for transit station areas to be located along the Peoria Avenue corridor between 38th Street North and the intersection of 81st & South Lewis Avenue. The transit station area land use study evaluated the areas around seven of the 19 future BRT station location areas, recommended land use changes that can maximize public investment, and addressed which land uses would provide the most successful outcomes for the private properties that border the BRT station sites.

Peoria Avenue BRT Framework and Resolution | Project Summary Handout

A series of six workshops and walking workshops were held in July 2016 to gather community input on the issues and opportunities for improvements that can enhance the area around future bus station locations. Workshop Flyer | Workshop Exhibits

In October 2016, the draft Peoria Avenue State of the Corridor Report, which contains the results of the existing conditions research including the current envisioned land use, zoning, connectivity, and market conditions for each of the seven station areas. Also included is the input received at the Workshops and Walkshops in July and the survey in August.

Another round of workshops was held in October 2016 to evaluate the concepts according to their short and long-range potential for addressing station area issues and opportunities. Draft Concepts: 38th St North and Peoria Ave | Pine St and Peoria Ave | 11th St and Peoria Ave | 41st St and Peoria Ave | 61st St and Peoria Ave | 71st St and Trenton Ave | 81st St and Lewis Ave

A public workshop was held on February 1, 2017. At this workshop, attendees were able to review all of the information that had been presented previously including existing land use and vision concepts for development within all of the seven station areas. In addition, the recommended zoning modifications that would help implement the visions for each station area were provided for feedback. PresentationExisting Mixed Use Zoning Regulations | Draft Site Concepts: 38th Street North and Peoria AvePine Street and Peoria Ave11th Street and Peoria Ave41st Street and Peoria Ave61st Street and Peoria Ave71st Street and Trenton Ave81st Street and Lewis Ave

In March 2017, the Draft Framework with Appendices was released for public review, and comments were accepted through April 2017.

On May 10, 2017, Tulsa City Council found the Peoria Avenue BRT Land Use Framework to be in conformance with the Tulsa Comprehensive Plan, PLANiTULSA. Peoria Avenue BRT Framework and Resolution