Route 66 Rising Sculpture

Avery Traffic Circle, approximately 300 feet in diameter, is the former site of Cyrus Avery’s tourist court, filling station, and English Rose Restaurant. Cyrus Avery, a Tulsan, is known as the Father of Route 66. The artwork measures approximately 125’ in length and 33’ in height. Creating a spherical thematically colored artwork and sited at an upward diagonal, 66 rises from the grade.

In researching the project, the artist discovered Oklahoma’s undaunted energy to overcome adversity during the Great Depression and the Dust Bowl and move forward with great entrepreneurial spirit: “Route 66 was a road of survival and a symbol of the tenacity for which America is known. From the toil of the oilfields to the tar and concrete of Route 66, the tough, enduring nature for which Oklahoma is celebrated is embodied in Tulsa, where the spirit of enterprise and the fulfillment of the great American dream thrive along the vast and vibrant Mother Road.” During Mr. Garcia’s interview, he stated his concept captures the spirit of “Route 66 Rising” in that ongoing vibrancy.

A Request for Proposal was issued through the Arts Commission of the City of Tulsa for artwork uniquely commemorating Route 66 and to elevate the status of Tulsa’s prominence in historic Route 66. Public comment for preferred concepts was gathered through the website, Feedback Tulsa and a special exhibit during a regularly scheduled event, the Brady Arts District Art Crawl. Preferences ranged from something traditional to something iconic.

A steering committee composed of volunteers knowledgeable of Tulsa’s Route 66 efforts, a member of the Arts Commission, a corporate owner located near Route 66 and City of Tulsa engineering and planning staff evaluated six proposals. Interviews were given for three artists; the final selection was a unanimous decision for artist Eric Garcia with EFG Creative, LLC.


The Artist
Eric Garcia resides in Albuquerque, NM and is a native of Santa Fe. Mr. Garcia began his career as an illustrator winning national awards prior to his 18th birthday. While working with an advertising firm, Mr. Garcia was part of a team producing advertising and marketing for regional and national accounts such as AT&T, Ford Motor Company and Wendy’s Restaurants. Mr. Garcia has sold his fine art creations in Santa Fe and in 1995 created a multi-disciplinary design firm in Albuquerque.