Lacy Community Center Public Art Project

The Lacy Park story is part and parcel with that of the pioneers who helped make it a reality. In 1929, Simon Berry, a businessman from the area, donated 13.4 acres of parkland to the City of Tulsa, for a price of $1, to establish Lacy Park, which was then known as Berry Park. The following individuals influenced either the creation and significance the Park itself or serve as inspirations for the surrounding community…

Simon Berry

OW Gurley

Dr. AC Jackson

JB Stradford

Homer Johnson

Robert Fairchild

Dorothy DeWitty

Maxine Johnson

Juanita Hopkins

Madeline Manning Mims

This public art project, a collaboration between artist Roberto Delgado, The Lacy Advisory Council, and City of Tulsa’s Parks & Recreation Department and Arts Commission, is the result of Improve Our Tulsa investments in the renovation of the Center and the City’s Percent for Art Ordinance.