Kendall Whittier Improvement District

Photo of bike racks in the shape of a K and a W, representing the Kendall Whittier District
Kendall Whittier Improvement District is an active assessment district that supports increased services in Kendall Whittier in order to create a more vibrant, walkable commercial district.

A non-profit by the same name is currently being created to administer the funds, in collaboration with the City of Tulsa.

Each property within the boundary will be charged a fee annually, collected by the City of Tulsa, to go toward services for the area (listed below).

Improvements & Services:

  • Landscaping & Trash Removal
  • Beautification
  • Security Services
  • Lighting
  • Parking Lot Maintenance
  • Administration

The BID is renewed annually until its expiration in June 2027. As part of the annual renewal process, City Council holds a public hearing for property owners to voice their support or objection to renewing the BID for another year.

The 2024 public hearing will be on Wed. June 12th at 5 PM in Council Chambers in City Hall (175 E. 2nd St; 2nd floor). When you arrive at the meeting, be sure to sign up to speak with the council aide.  


Kendall Whittier Improvement District, Inc. Board

Mission: To design and implement an Improvement District for Kendall Whittier, located in the vicinity of Lewis Avenue, from its intersection with East Archer Street to its intersection with East 6th Street South. The Corporation’s purpose includes, but it not limited to, providing services which benefit public property and rights-of-way in the Kendall Whittier Improvement District. Said services shall include, but not be limited to, maintaining public parking lot(s), planting and maintaining landscaping materials including trees, installing and maintaining decorative planters, installing and maintaining improved street and sidewalk lighting, providing street, sidewalk and alley cleaning and sweeping, providing security, and providing marketing, management, and administrative services for the district.


Board Members:

  • Jamie Barnes, President
  • Derek Mordhorst, Vice President
  • Sammantha Hoyte, Treasurer
  • Nicholas Flores, Secretary
  • Darek Latta
  • Jake Miller
  • Calvin Michael Moniz
  • Trent Morrow
  • Aaron Post
  • Evon Markum, Ex-Officio Member
  • Samantha Extance, Ex-Officio Member

Of the eleven members of our board, 18% are residents, 36% are property owners, 36% are business owners (tenants), 55% work in the district, and 18% are members at-large who are passionate about the district.

Board Meetings: Occur monthly on the 2nd Wednesday of each month, 5:30-6:30 p.m. at Crosstown Learning Center, located at 2501 E. Archer St. (with schedule amendments as needed)


Contact the Board:


Board Minutes:

Frequently Asked Questions


Why did I receive a postcard or letter about this?

You received a notice about this because your property is within the Kendall Whittier Improvement District boundary (see map). 

What are the boundaries of the proposed district?
I thought I was already in an improvement district. How is this different?

The previous improvement district expired in 2020. As the area continues to redevelop, certain services are still needed, like maintenance of previous projects funded by the Whittier Square Improvement District.

The new district is different from the previous one in four key ways:

  1. Shorter time frame for improvements to be completed (5 years instead of 20 years)
  2. There are slightly different boundaries to expand services farther north one block, extending east and west on Admiral, and starting south at 6th instead of 11th St.)
  3. More strategic assessments (so that the funds generated will be sufficient to implement the proposed improvements), and
  4. The assessments are calculated differently to be more equitable and fair. For more information, please see next question.

The new district and board with broad representation will help ensure more accountability and lead to more visible results.

The current improvement district (which expires in June 2027) is renewed each year which is why you’ll receive notices about the BID each year.

My new assessment amount is different than the amount assessed by the previous improvement district. Why is there a difference in assessment amounts?

During the outreach and planning phase of establishing a new BID in Kendall Whittier, the steering committee heard resounding feedback from property owners that they did not feel the assessments that they paid as part of the Whittier Square Improvement District were calculated equitably. Some properties received more benefits than others.

Therefore, in the proposal for a new improvement district, assessments are calculated differently. Some properties benefit from all planned improvements and services and pay a higher assessment fee. Other properties only benefit from some of the planned improvements and services and pay a lower assessment fee.

Can my assessment amount be changed?
An assessment amount cannot be changed once it is approved by City Council.
Kendall Whittier Improvement District, Inc., Tulsa Planning Office, and the City of Tulsa Finance Department do not have the authority to negotiate or reduce assessments once approved by City Council.
The assessment roll was adopted into local law via Ordinance No. 24842 and published in the Tulsa World on June 19, 2022. It is renewed each year and will expire June 2027. 
What if my property is currently for sale? How does that affect my assessment?

If your property is for sale, the City of Tulsa Finance Department can bill the new owner as reflected on Tulsa County records. You should coordinate with the Finance Department to ensure that you are compliant with assessment fee deadlines while your property is listed for sale and/or is sold.

The assessment fee would then be the responsibility of the new owner for the duration of the assessment’s lifetime as the property remains in the BID boundary.

What is the budget?

The budget is $51,000 per year and will be funded through an assessment on each property in the boundary.

How long will the assessment last?

The assessment will last for five years (until 2027). At the end of five years, property owners can decide to renew it for an additional time period or end it.

How much will I pay each year?

Every property will have a different assessment, based on the services you benefit from, and how much frontage you have. Costs vary from about $250 – $2,000, with an average of about $500. Your assessment fee is a fixed fee year-to-year.

All property owners should have received a letter from the City of Tulsa Clerk and the City of Tulsa Finance Dept. with their annual assessment total. The complete assessment roll (which includes all property owners’ assessment amounts) was published in the Tulsa World. →Download the assessment roll

Who will run the organization?

Kendall Whittier Improvement District, Inc. will be run as a non-profit organization that shares staff with Kendall Whittier Main Street but has a separate board.

The board will include (at a minimum) two property owners, two business owners, and one at-large member. Board members are listed above.

What outreach and community engagement efforts were made regarding the formation of a new improvement district?

From 2020-2021, considerable efforts were made to inform and engage Kendall Whittier property owners, business owners, stakeholders, and community members before the legislative process began in 2022. In addition to regular steering committee meetings, three stakeholder meetings were held, a survey was conducted in both English and Spanish with over 100 respondents, a public info session was held, a postcard mailing to all property and business owners (regarding the public info session) was sent, steering committee held twenty-seven one-on-one meetings with business and property owners, posted on Kendall Whittier Main Street’s and Tulsa Planning Office’s social media accounts, and answered individual calls and emails.

Once the legislative process began, in February 2022, the petition to establish a new BID was taken door-to-door in the district for signatures by steering committee members, Kendall Whittier Main Street staff, and volunteers. Individuals collecting signatures had supplemental materials with them including BID boundary map, assessment formula, list of proposed improvements and services, and the proposed budget.

The petition collected more than the 51% needed to move forward, and demonstrated that 62% of property owners to be assessed in the area approved of the proposed resolution.

In March and April 2022, City Council and the Mayor’s Office reviewed the Resolution on necessity of creating the Kendall Whittier Improvement District and the Resolution creating the Kendall Whittier Improvement District. The Tulsa World published two notices of the upcoming public hearing regarding the resolution and the City Clerk mailed a notice of public hearing to all property owners. A public hearing was held on April 20, 2022 for public comment. Four property owners spoke in support of the BID, and there were no objections.

When the resolution passed after unanimous City Council vote, it was published in the Tulsa World on May 4 & 11, 2022, along with a notice of public hearing on the ordinance adopting the assessment roll. The city clerk mailed the notice of public hearing on the ordinance in May 2022.

In May and June 2022, City Council conducted the first and second reading of the ordinance. A public hearing was held on May 25 on the ordinance. There were no objections made at this hearing. On June 8, 2022, City Council unanimously passed the ordinance and Mayor Bynum signed it into local law. The ordinance adopting the assessment roll (and the assessment roll in its entirety) was published in the Tulsa World on June 19, 2022.

Each year when the improvement district is renewed, property owners are notified of the renewal in the mail, it is reviewed and voted on by City Council, it is published in the Tulsa World, and a public hearing is held.

Can I still object to the assessment and the creation of the BID?

No, the last day to protest the assessment was July 4, 2022, fifteen days after the publication of the ordinance adopting the assessment roll (published on June 19, 2022).

To object to renewing the BID, property owners can attend the public hearing held by City Council. This year, the public hearing will be held on Wed. June 12th at City Council in Council Chambers at City Hall (175 E 2nd St; 2nd floor) at 5 PM. 


Who do I contact to pay my assessment?

You can call 918-596-7228, the Improvement District Customer Line at the City of Tulsa’s Finance Department.


For more information, please email Sam Extance or Evon Markum.