Request Mixed-Use Zoning Along BRT Route


If you own property recommended for mixed-use zoning in the Route 66 BRT Land Use Framework or the Peoria BRT Land Use Framework, you may be eligible for a free rezoning to a Mixed-Use Zoning District. Rezoning applications typically cost around $2,000. This program expired December 31, 2023.

Mixed-use zoning (MX) allows a mixture of residential, office, and retail uses within the same building or property, which can help make it easier to walk, bike, or drive to things you need near your home, like grocery stores, pharmacies, restaurants, and stores. This is the way cities were traditionally built for thousands of years. 

Applying mixed-use zoning to your property can help protect the future of your neighborhood by ensuring predictable and accessible developments that can make the neighborhood more desirable. 


  1. View the maps (to the right) to see if your property is in a Mixed-Use zoning incentive location.
  2. Reach out to the Tulsa Planning Office to discuss your proposal and if you are ready to move forward, complete the application. 
  3. Submit the application along with an accurate legal description to
  4. Staff will contact you to continue the process and confirm the date for you to go before Tulsa Metropolitan Planning Commission (TMAPC). You may also submit your application in person at City Hall, 175 E. 2nd St., 4th floor.
  5. As your case is being prepared, property owners within 300 feet of your property will be notified so they can attend the public meeting and have a voice. A sign will also be posted on your property so passersby will be notified of the meeting. Finally, staff will prepare a case report with a recommendation for approval or denial of your request.
  6. On the day of the TMAPC meeting, staff will present the case to commissioners. The public will be allowed to give comments, and TMAPC may have questions for you about your property. Finally, commissioners will recommend approval or denial for the case to move on to City Council.
  7. If it is recommended for approval and goes before the City Council, you will be contacted once a date will be set for your case to go before City Council.


Land Use Framework
Route 66:

Maps of Eligible Properties
Route 66:

Mixed-Use Rezoning Incentive Program

Tulsa Planning Office Contact
Nathan Foster

Submit Applications
Email completed application and legal description of the property to: