This Request for Proposals is issued on behalf of Tulsa Global District. Responses must be submitted to Jeff Burdge by 5:00 p.m. on June 11, 2021. Submissions must be electronic and should be sent to All responses received will be the property Tulsa Global District and will not be returned.

If clarifications are needed to interpret this RFP, please contact Jeff Burdge no later than noon on June 4, 2021. No information provided verbally or by any other personnel will be considered binding. All respondents should use this written document and all attachments as the sole basis of the RFP. An award may be made without discussion with the respondents.

Tulsa Global District reserves the right to request additional information as may reasonably be required to make this determination and to further investigate the qualifications of the respondent and see additional work samples as deemed appropriate.

About the Project

The Tulsa Global District is seeking a vendor to create a new website for their organization. The goal of the website is to highlight the area businesses, events, and attractions in the Tulsa Global District, which is the commercial district surrounding E 21st St and Garnett Rd in east Tulsa. There should also be space dedicated to information about the Tulsa Global District organization, such as board members, mission/vision, and how to get involved.

Website Objectives:

  • Tell the unique, cultural story of the Tulsa Global District
  • Educate potential visitors on what is in the area
  • Provide business or property owners with resources
  • Inform potential partners or donors about the organization and how to get involved

Website Needs:

  • Initial splash page for initial information
  • Future compatibility with e-commerce
  • Mobile functionality
  • Ability to edit easily
    • Training session and/or document on updating website
  • Translation options
  • Alignment with social media and blog


About the Organization
The Tulsa Global District is a new organization that was formed in 2020 as an Oklahoma Urban Main Street Program. The organization’s vision is that the Tulsa Global District will be a safe, welcoming, and vibrant neighborhood, a destination for inclusive economic opportunity, and an international model for celebrating cultural diversity. The mission is to serve all Tulsa Global District residents, entrepreneurs and small business owners by fostering connection, economic opportunity, education and advocacy through inclusion and celebration of multicultural diversity.

There are three distinct audiences for our website: district visitors, business/property owners, and stakeholders interested in the Main Street program.

District visitors. This website audience consists of current or potential visitors to the district. We want to highlight the unique cultural experiences that someone can have in this area, through food, events, attractions, shopping, etc.

Business/property owners. This website audience consists of current of potential business/property owners in the area who are looking for resources provided the Tulsa Global District organization.

Organization Stakeholders. This website audience consists of organizations or individuals who are interested in the Main Street organization. They may want to know more about the organization, how to get involved, and/or how to donate.

The budget for this project is $15,000 – $20,000. We are open to proposals that include a phased approach with a lower budget now and increased future budget.

Example websites



Company Overview, History, and Organization
Please provide a brief agency or professional history, organizational summary, and portfolio (or direction to an online portfolio) of past work. Provide the following for your company:

  • Office registered name
  • Address
  • Telephone number
  • Contact person
  • Title
  • Direct telephone / mobile phone
  • Person authorized to contractually bind the organization for any proposal against this RFP
  • Year established and number of years your organization and any joint proposal partner have been offering graphic design, advertising, public relations, or website design

Project Summary
Vendors should provide a brief overview of their approach to the project, including the method and approach used to manage the overall project, timelines, milestones, billing, and invoicing. Briefly describe how the project will unfold from beginning to end. Please include a timeline for completion and an estimate of the time required of staff and stakeholders in the process.

Provide an all-inclusive price/cost quote that covers all costs related to the project. This proposal and pricing are valid for 90 days after submission.

All expenses for respondent’s preparation and participation in the RFP process, including, but not limited to, site visits, document preparation, communications, presentations and demonstrations, are entirely the responsibility of the respondent and will not be billable to Tulsa Global District.

Award of the contract resulting from this RFP will be based upon the most responsive vendor whose offer will be the most advantageous to Tulsa Global District as specified in this RFP. Tulsa Global District reserves the right in its sole discretion and at any time to:

  • Reject any or all offers and discontinue this RFP process without obligation or liability to any potential respondent,
  • Accept other than the lowest price offered,
  • Award a contract based on initial offers received, without discussion or requests for best and final offers, and
  • Award to more than one respondent.