Effective January 14, 2020, the Tulsa Metropolitan Area Subdivision and Development Regulations (Subregs) no longer lists specific sidewalk requirements for developments within the City of Tulsa. Requirements for Tulsa County are still found in Article 5 of the Subregs.

The City of Tulsa recently adopted an ordinance in Title 35, Section 602, Tulsa Revised Ordinances that defines both requirements and relief for sidewalks.¬†Moving the sidewalk requirements for the City of Tulsa to a standalone ordinance allowed the City of Tulsa to create a fee-in-lieu program for sidewalks in areas that meet certain criteria. Property owners in “non-critical” areas may pay a fee to the City instead of constructing a new sidewalk. These funds are collected by the City and allocated within specified service areas to priority sidewalk projects (for instance, connecting nearby schools to the sidewalk network).

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