Public Hearing

Wed., April 1, 2020
1 p.m.

Tulsa City Hall
City Council Chambers
175 E. 2nd St.


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Felicity Good
c/o Tulsa Planning Office at INCOG
2 W. 2nd St, Suite 800
Tulsa, OK 74103


A batch of zoning code amendments will be heading to the Tulsa Metropolitan Area Planning Commission (TMAPC) for consideration at their meeting on Wednesday, April 1, 2020. The public hearing will be held in the City Council Chambers of Tulsa City Hall, 175 E. 2nd St. Amendments to the following sections of the Zoning Code will be considered:

  • Chapter 15 — Office, Commercial and Industrial Districts: Section 15.020 Use Regulations, Table 15-2: O, C, and I District Use Categories
  • Chapter 35 — Building Types and Use Categories: Section 35.040 Public, Civic and Institutional Use Category, Section 35.040-G Governmental Service
  • Chapter 45 — Accessory Uses and Structures: Section 45.080 Fences and Walls
  • Chapter 65 — Landscaping and Screening: Section 65.060 Vehicular Use Area Buffers; Section 65.070 Screening; Section 65.080 Landscape and Screening Material
  • Chapter 67 — Outdoor Lighting: Section 67.030 General Standards; Section 67.040 Lighting Plans
  • Chapter 70 — Review and Approval Procedures: Section 70.080 Zoning Clearance and Permits; Section 70.110 Spacing and Separation Distance Verification
  • Chapter 95 — Definitions: Section 95.220 Terms Beginning with “S” Sign, Campaign

Upon its review, the TMAPC will prepare its recommendations and submit them to the City Council and Mayor of the City of Tulsa, Oklahoma for their consideration and possible approval. The City Council’s review of TMAPC’s recommendations shall be at a meeting time and place to be determined by the City Council.

All persons interested in this matter may appear at the foregoing time and place and speak in support of or in opposition to the proposed Zoning Code amendments. Interested persons may also indicate their support of or opposition to the proposed amendments in writing (see left).