The City of Tulsa Election District Commission has recommended the proposed redistricting plan to change the city council district boundaries based on the latest available U.S. Census data. Adjustments to the boundaries were based on legal requirements and criteria adopted by the commission.

The commission wants your feedback!
Please send an email with any questions, comments, or suggestions on how to adjust city council boundaries to

For more information about the redistricting process, including a schedule of meetings, plus agendas, minutes, maps, criteria, and recordings of meetings, visit the Election District Commission webpage.

Proposed Redistricting Plan
Download a PDF of the map

Map of proposed redistricting plan for the City of Tulsa



Criteria for the Establishment of City Council District Boundaries

  • Legally mandated requirements
    • Each district shall consist of:
      • contiguous area – (City Charter and state statute)
      • compact territory(City Charter and state statute)
    • Be as nearly equal (or substantially equal) in population as possible(City Charter and state statute)
    • Conform with precinct boundary lines(City Charter)
    • Consider natural and neighborhood boundaries – (City Charter)
    • Avoid diluting minority votes and meet Voting Rights Act requirements – (City charter and federal law)
    • Disregard partisan considerations (City Charter)


  • Other considerations
    • District boundary lines based on major physical features such as rivers, expressways, or arterial streets to the extent possible.
    • Minimize the displacement or re-assignment of population and precincts between council districts.
    • Maintain city councilors in their respective districts.