Regularly Scheduled Meeting
Tulsa City Council Chambers
175 East 2nd Street, 2nd Level, One Technology Center
Tuesday, October 13, 2020, 1:00 P.M.

Meeting No. 1260

Agenda Packet

The City Board of Adjustment will be held in the Tulsa City Council Chambers and by videoconferencing and teleconferencing.

Board of Adjustment members and members of the public may attend the meeting in the Tulsa City Council Chamber but are encouraged to attend and participate in the Board of Adjustment meeting via videoconferencing and teleconferencing by joining from a computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Join Videoconference:

Join Teleconference by dialing: 1 (312) 757-3121
Participants must then enter the following Access Code: 748-741-301

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The following City Board of Adjustment members plan to attend remotely via GoToMeeting, provided that they may still be permitted to appear and attend at the meeting site, Tulsa City Council Chambers, at One Technology Center, 175 East Second Street, Tulsa Oklahoma: Stuart Van De Wiele, Austin Bond, Burlinda Radney, Jessica Shelton and Steve Brown (pending City Council confirmation).



  1. Approval of Minutes of August 11, 2020 (Meeting No. 1256).
  2. Approval of Minutes of August 25, 2020 (Meeting No. 1257).



  1. 22994—Raul CisnerosVariance to reduce the 20-foot setback for a street facing garage (Section 5.030-A, Table Note 3); Variance to increase the maximum coverage area of the rear yard setback for a detached accessory building (Section 90.090-C.2, Table 90-2). LOCATION: 1347 North Boston Place East (CD 1)
  1. 22995—Raul CisnerosVariance to allow the floor area of detached accessory buildings to exceed 40% of the floor area of the principal residential structure (Section 45.030-A). LOCATION: 3727 East Pine Place North (CD 3)
  1. 22996—Nick PumaVariance to allow a non-conforming lot to have less than 50% open space (Section 80.020-B). LOCATION: 1037 East 39th Street South (CD 9)



  1. 23007—Tom NealVariance to allow more than 25% coverage by an accessory building in the rear setback (Section 90.090-C); Variance of the allowable height of a detached accessory building from one story or 18 feet in height to two stories and 26 feet in height and from 10 feet to 18 feet in height to the top of the top plate (Section 90.090.C); Variance of the minimum required open space in the RS-2 District (Section 5.030, Table 5-3). LOCATION: 210 East Hazel Boulevard South (CD 4)


  1. 23008—Mike WimberlySpecial Exception to increase the permitted driveway width (Section 55.090-F). LOCATION: 6358 East Newton Street North (CD 3)


  1. 23009—Shalisa McFallsSpecial Exception to permit a medical marijuana grower operation, Agricultural/Horticulture Nursery Use, in the CH District (Section 15.020, Table 15-2). LOCATION: 5031 East Admiral Place North (CD 3)


  1. 23011—Trails End Equipment, LLCSpecial Exception to permit High-Impact Medical Marijuana processing (High-impact Manufacturing & Industry Use) in the IM District (Section 15.020, Table 15-2). LOCATION: 1614 East 6th Street South (CD 4) Addendum 1


  1. 23012—Gregorio TorresSpecial Exception to increase the permitted driveway width in the right-of-way (Section 55.090-F). LOCATION: 12158 East 35th Street South (CD 3) Addendum 1 


  1. 23013—Wallace Engineering – Mike ThedfordSpecial Exception to permit a Horticulture Nursery Use in the CG District (Section 15.020, Table 15-2). LOCATION: 14002 East 21st Street South (CD 6)


  1. 23014—W DesignVariance to allow a drive through on the street facing (East 38th Street) side of the property (Section 55.100-C2). LOCATION: 3866 South Sheridan Road East (CD 5) Addendum 1 Addendum 2



  1. Review and Approval of 2021 Meeting Schedule.