Regularly Scheduled Meeting
Tulsa City Council Chambers
175 East 2nd Street, 2nd Level, One Technology Center
Tuesday, November 9, 2021, 1:00 P.M. 

Meeting No. 1284

Agenda Packet

The City Board of Adjustment will be held in the Tulsa City Council Chambers and by videoconferencing and teleconferencing.

Board of Adjustment applicants and members of the public may attend and participate in the in the Board of Adjustment meeting via videoconferencing and teleconferencing by joining from a computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Attend in Person: 175 East 2nd Street, 2nd Level, One Technology Center
Attend Virtually:
Attend by Phone:   312-626-6799     Meeting ID: 876 1227 0012

If you wish to present or share any documents, written comments, or exhibits during the hearing, please submit them by 9:00 a.m. the day of the hearing. Remember to reference the case number and include your name and address.

Mail or In Person: City of Tulsa BOA c/o INCOG, 2 W. 2nd St., Suite 800, Tulsa, OK 74103



At this Meeting the Board of Adjustment, in accord with and pursuant to applicable Board of Adjustment Policies and Procedures, will review, consider, discuss, and may take action on, approve, amend, modify, approve with amendment(s) or modification(s), deny, reject, or defer any action on any item listed on this Agenda.


Review and possible approval, approval with modifications, denial or deferral of the following:

  1. Approval of Minutes of October 12, 2021 (Meeting No. 1282).
  2. Approval of Minutes of October 26, 2021 (Meeting No. 1283).



Review and possible approval, approval with modifications, denial or deferral of the following:


  1. 23196—Vincent Travis ThorntonSpecial Exception to permit an alternative compliance parking ratio for a Medical Marijuana Dispensary in an IM District to reduce the minimum parking requirements from seven parking spaces to zero parking spaces (Section 55.050‑K & Section 55.020, Table 55‑1). LOCATION: 1217 East Admiral Boulevard (CD 1)


  1. 23197—Raul CisnerosVariance to reduce required 25‑foot street setback to permit an addition to an existing structure (Section 5.030, Table 5‑3). LOCATION: 1446 South 157th Avenue East (CD 6)


  1. 23198—Keith RobertsonSpecial Exception to permit a Commercial Service / Building Service Use in a CS District (Section 15.020, Table 15‑2). LOCATION: 8310 East 11th Street South (CD 5)


  1. 23199—Eller & Detrich – Lou ReynoldsAppeal of the Administrative Decision issued in Case No. ZONV‑050120‑2021 (the “Decision”) pursuant to Section 70.140 of the Tulsa Zoning Code (the “Code”) for property located at 2667 South Trenton Avenue. The Decision found that an art sculpture on the Property (1) constitutes a sign; (2) is advertising a home occupation on the Property; (3) requires a permit; and (4) is located in the front building setback. LOCATION: 2667 South Trenton Avenue East (CD 4) Withdrawn



Review and possible approval, approval with modifications, denial or deferral of the following:


  1. 23202—Jeff KrigelVariance to reduce the required 5‑foot side setback; Variance of the minimum lot area and lot area per unit of 5,500 square feet and the minimum lot width of 50 feet for a detached house in an RM‑2 District to permit a lot line adjustment (Section 5.030, Table 5‑3). LOCATION: 1402 and 1406 West Admiral Boulevard (CD 4)


  1. 23203—Nathan CrossSpecial Exception to expand a religious assembly use in an RS‑3 District (Section 5.020, Table 5‑2; ). LOCATION: 2027 North Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard East (CD 1)


  1. 23204—Danny McCuenVariance of the dustless all‑weather parking surface requirement to permit the use of gravel for a driveway (Section 55.090‑F). LOCATION: 6515 East 25th Place South (CD 5)


  1. 23205—Patrick DrakeSpecial Exception to allow a neighborhood identification sign in the street right‑of‑way (Section 60.020‑E). LOCATION: 7200 East 61st Street South (CD 7)


  1. 23206—Church In PowerSpecial Exception to permit a dynamic display sign in an RS‑3 District and to allow a dynamic display sign within 200 feet of a residential district (Sections 60.050‑B.2.c & 60.100‑F). LOCATION: 732 East 31st Street North (CD 5)