Regularly Scheduled Meeting
Tulsa City Council Chambers
175 East 2nd Street, 2nd Level
One Technology Center
Tuesday, August 22nd, 2023, 1:00 PM

Meeting No. 1322


Agenda Packet

If you wish to present or share any documents, written comments, or exhibits during the hearing, please submit them by 9:00 a.m. the day of the hearing. Remember to reference the case number and include your name and address.


Mail or In Person: City of Tulsa BOA, 175 E. 2nd St., Suite 480 Tulsa 74103


Unfinished Business

1. 23548 – Joseph l Hull, IVAction Requested: Variance to increase the permitted size of Temporary Mobile Storage Units on a non-residential lot(Sec. 50.030-F.2.C) Location: 35 E. 18th St. (CD 4)

2. 23549 – Criminal Justice and Mercy Ministries of Oklahoma, Inc. – Action Requested: Special Exception to permit a Residential Treatment Center/ Transitional Living Center Use in the RS-3 District (Table 5.020, Table 5-2) Location: 5707 S. Memorial Dr. (CD 7)

3. 23550 – Cyntergy/ Linda WaytulaAction Requested: Variance to allow drive-through facilities to be located on the street-facing side of the property (Sec. 55.100-C.2) Location: NE/c of S. Braden Ave. and E. 51st Street S. (CD 5)

4. 23553 – Joe KestersonAction Requested: Variance to allow a roof sign to exceed 500 square feet in area (Sec. 60.080-B.5b) Location: 505 E. 2nd St. (CD 1)

5. 23556 – Farron Hollabaugh – Action Requested: Special Exception to increase the allowed fence height of 8-feet inside a building setback (Sec. 45.080-A) Location: 4845 S. 83rd E. Ave. (CD 7)

6. 23557 – Lou ReynoldsAction Requested: Special Exception to permit a Library in the RS-3 District (Table 5.020, Table 5-2, Table 5-2.5); Variance to reduce the required 25-foot street setback in the RS-3 District (Sec. 5.030-A, Table 5-3) Location: 1110 E. 45th Pl. S. (CD 9)



7. 23554 – Metroplex Realty LLCAction Requested: Special Exception to permit an Outdoor Assembly & Entertainment use (Food Truck Park) in the MX2-U-35 District (Sec.10.020, Table 10-2) Location: 52 N Delaware Ave. E. (CD 3)

8. 23559 – Justin DeBruin, Wallace Design CollectiveAction Requested: Special Exception to amend a previously approved site plan for a Religious Assembly Use in the IL District (15.020, Table 15-2; Sec. 70.120) Location: 1003 N 129th E. Ave. (CD3)

9. 23560 – Ignacio BecerraAction Requested: Special Exception to permit a carport in the street setback and yard with modifications to the allowable heigth, width, and setback requirements (Sec. 90.090-C1) Location: 6747 E Independence Pl. N. (CD3)

10. 23561- Tom NealAction Requested: Special Exception to increase the maximum driveway width in a residential district. (Section 55.090-F.3) Location: 3919 S Atlanta Pl. E. (CD9)

11. 23562- Lou ReynoldsAction Requested: Special Exception to permit a Freestanding Monopole Communications Tower in the AG District (Sec. 25.020-, Table 25-2) and to reduce the required setback of the Tower from an adjoining AG zoned lot (Sec. 40.420-E.6.a) Location: 11211 S Yale Ave. (CD8)