Regularly Scheduled Meeting

Tulsa City Council Chambers

175 East 2nd Street, 2nd Level, One Technology Center Tuesday,

July 26, 2022, 1:00 P.M. 

Meeting No. 1299

If you wish to present or share any documents, written comments, or exhibits during the hearing, please submit them by 9:00 a.m. the day of the hearing. Remember to reference the case number and include your name and address.


Mail or In Person: City of Tulsa BOA c/o INCOG, 2 W. 2nd St., Suite 800 Tulsa 74103



At this Meeting, the Board of Adjustment, in accord with and pursuant to applicable Board of Adjustment Policies and Procedures, will review, consider, discuss, and may take action on, approve, amend, modify, approve with amendment(s) or modification(s), deny, reject, or defer any action on any item listed on this Agenda.

  1. Approval of Minutes of June 14, 2022 (Meeting No. 1296).
  2. Approval of Minutes of June 28, 2022 (Meeting No. 1297).


Review and possible approval, approval with modifications, denial, or deferral of the following:

  1. 23309 – Ryan Neuhor, Image Builders

Special Exception to permit a Dynamic Display sign in a Residential District containing a School Use (Sec. 60.050-B.2.c)  Special Exception to permit a dynamic display sign within 200-feet of Residentially Zoned Lots (Sec. 60.100-F)  Location:  3909 E. 5th Pl. S. (Rogers) (CD 4)

  1. 23319 – Jason Evans

Variance to allow the floor area of a detached accessory building to exceed 500 square feet and 40% of the floor area of the principal residential structure (Sec. 45.030-A.2); Variance of the 35-foot setback from an arterial street. (Sec. 5.020, Table 5-2); Variance to permit a Detached Accessory Building exceeding 10-feet in height to the top of the top plate in the rear setback

(Sec. 90.090-C)  Location: 4217 East 15th St. S. (CD 4)

  1. 23386 – Precision Sign & Design

Variance to allow more than one sign per street frontage in the OM District (Sec. 60.060-B.1);  Variance to increase the maximum allowable sign area in the OM district (Sec. 60.060-C)  Location5151 East 51st St. (CD 5)


Review and possible approval, approval with modifications, denial, or deferral of the following:

  1. 23391 – Raul Cisneros

Variance to reduce the required 20-foot rear setback in the RS-3 District (Sec. 5.030-A, Table 5-3) Location:  2647 S. 90th E. Ave. (CD 5)

  1. 23392 – Bradley Pirpich

Modification to remove or extend the three year-time limit for a Special Exception to permit a Low-Impact Medical Marijuana Processing Use in the CH District (Sec. 15.020, Table 15-2) Location:  916 West 23rd St. S. (CD 2)

  1. 23393­ – Jacob King

Special Exception to permit Moderate-Impact Medical Marijuana processing (Moderate-impact Manufacturing & Industry Use) in the IL district (Sec. 15.020, Table Location:  4133 South 87th E. Ave. (CD 7)

  1. 23394 – Garcia Martinez Zuniesky

Special Exception to permit a Personal Vehicles Sales and Rental Use in the CS District (Sec. 15.020, Table 15-2); Variance to allow outdoor merchandise display within 300-feet of an abutting R- or AG-R district (Section 15.040-A); Special Exception to permit the storage of motorized vehicles on a surface other than one consisting of a dustless, all-weather surface outside of the required building setbacks to permit a gravel parking lot (Sec. 55.090-F-2) Location:  6520 E. Latimer Pl. N. (CD 3)

  1. 23395 – Jesse Bucelluni

Variance to permit a dynamic display sign within 200-feet of a Residential District (Sec.60.100-F)  Location:  6611 South Memorial Dr. (CD 7)

  1. 23396 – Jeremy Perkins

Variance to allow a detached accessory building to exceed 25% of the rear setback area for this RS-2 zoned lot. (Sec. 90.090- C, Table 90-2) (Sec.90.090) Location1252 East 25th Street (CD 4)

  1. 23399 – Bryan Broaddrick

Special Exception to amend a previously approved site plan for a school use in the RS-3 District (Table 5.020, Table 5-2; Sec.70.120) Location3909 East. 5th  Place South. (CD 4)








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NOTE: If you require special accommodation pursuant to the Americans with Disabilities Act, please notify Tulsa Planning Office at 918‑584‑7526. Exhibits, Petitions, Pictures, etc., presented to the Board of Adjustment may be received and deposited in case files to be maintained by the Tulsa Planning Office at INCOG. All electronic devices must be silenced.