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The Tulsa Planning Office invites the residents of Tulsa to review the draft update to the City’s comprehensive plan.


Better known as planitulsa, the City’s comprehensive plan serves as a guide for the physical development of the city, other government operations, and funding priorities. Our team has been working with a broad network of Tulsa residents, community organizations, City of Tulsa departments, and other subject matter experts to update the comprehensive plan that was adopted in 2010.

How to Review the Draft Plan

Below are links for each chapter of the draft plan that will take you to a website called Konveio where you can review an interactive version of each chapter. You can create an account if you’d like to be included in follow-up correspondence by our team, but it is not required to participate. Simply follow the links, and then use the tools to leave comments in the documents.

Public Open Houses

The Tulsa Planning Office in collaboration with the Tulsa City Council is hosting a series of nine public open houses. These events offer attendees the chance to meet the planning team and discuss the content of the draft plan.


If you have questions, see the list of Frequently Asked Questions below, leave a voicemail at 918-579-9490, or send an email to

Video Presentation

The video below is available in English and Spanish.

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👥 Public Open Houses

Come-and-go open houses are held across the city to ensure all Tulsa residents have one nearby. Feel free to attend whichever is most convenient for you.

Upcoming Open Houses

2/6/2023 | 5:30 – 7:00 pm
District 5 – New Location: Meals on Wheels
5151 E. 51st St.


Past Open Houses
Dec. 1, 2022 | District 9
Dec. 6, 2022 | District 2
Dec. 13, 2022 | District 3
Jan. 12, 2023 | District 1
Jan. 17, 2023 | District 4
Jan. 19, 2023 | District 6
Feb. 2, 2023 | Districts 7 & 8

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Call 918.579.9490 and leave a voicemail with your thoughts. Make sure you identify the chapters you’re commenting on.

📖 Read a Paper Copy

You may read a paper copy of the plan at any of these library branches: RudisillZarrowMartinHardestyMaxwell ParkKendall-WhittierCentralBrooksideNathan HaleHelmerich

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Tulsa Planning Office at INCOG
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Online Review

Click the links below to be taken to Konveio where you can review the draft plan content and leave your feedack.

Introduction Chapter
Development Review Guide
Future Land Use Chapter
Housing & Neighborhoods Chapter
Parks & Recreation Chapter
Transportation Chapter
Communities Chapter
Environment & Natural Resources Chapter
Economic Development Chapter
History, Culture, & Creativity Chapter
Public Services Chapter

Frequently Asked Questions

What is this project?

The Tulsa Planning Office is updating the city’s comprehensive plan (planitulsa), which was last updated in 2010. This update includes recommendations based on input from residents, community organizations, and city departments. It also incorporates recommendations from plans developed since 2010, and enhances the usability and accessibility of the plan.

What is a comprehensive plan?

A comprehensive plan is a visionary, long‑term guide (not law) for physical development. Developers use it to guide their proposals, and the Planning Commission and City Council use it to evaluate projects.

City departments use it to plan for future needs as the city grows, like where new police and fire stations should be located. Comp plans are also used to promote the well‑being of residents, ensure the efficient use of public funds, and to help conserve natural resources.

What is in this plan?

The Comprehensive Plan includes 10 chapters covering a variety of topics.

Chapter 1: Development Review Guide
Everything in the comprehensive plan relevant to reviewing development proposals is contained in this chapter to make it easy for developers, the Planning Commission, City Council, residents, and others to use the plan.

Chapter 2: Future Land Use
The vision for future land use development in Tulsa is outlined in this chapter. This includes how new development occurs in relation to existing development, as well as how the development review process is conducted by the City.

Chapter 3: Transportation
This chapter consolidates the transportation planning recommendations from a variety of plans adopted since 2010. All types of transportation are covered in the chapter, as well as transportation innovations.

Chapter 4: Economic Development
This chapter contains recommendations to achieve the economic development vision of the City of Tulsa. Business retention and expansion, entrepreneurship, and economic mobility are all covered in this chapter.

Chapter 5: Housing & Neighborhoods
This chapter identifies approaches to ensure a variety of housing options at several price points are plentiful in Tulsa. Housing affordability, neighborhood characteristics, and addressing homelessness are addressed in this chapter.

Chapter 6: Communities
This chapter outlines ways the City of Tulsa and residents can engage with each other. Encouraging civic participation, building strong community partnerships, and ensuring City communications are accessible are covered in this chapter.

Chapter 7: History, Culture, & Creativity
Tulsa’s historical, cultural, and artistic environment sets it apart from other communities. This chapter identifies ways the City can support and promote these valuable community assets through programming, promotion, and funding.

Chapter 8: Parks & Recreation
Tulsa’s parks and recreation facilities are valuable community assets. This chapter outlines the vision for a successful parks system, including how to connect residents with opportunities to exercise, strengthen community, and commune with nature.

Chapter 9: Environment & Natural Resources
Tulsa’s place in Green Country comes with a wide array of environmental assets and risks. This chapter covers preparedness for flooding, pollution, energy resources, and the conservation of valuable habitat and tree canopy coverage.

Chapter 10: Public Services
This chapter compiles the planning goals for several City departments that provide services to the residents of Tulsa. It also considers the most efficient and effective ways to ensure consistent public service distribution.

Is this a law?

No, a comprehensive plan is not a law. It is a guide used by the City of Tulsa to help make land use decisions and achieve city departments’ priorities.

How often is it updated?

Typically, comprehensive plans are updated about once every 10 years. The last update to planitulsa was in 2010. Before that, it had been 40 years since it was updated.

Who wrote the update?

No consultants were hired for this project. A team of Tulsa Planning Office staff developed the plan and its recommendations, and has engaged with roughly 3,000 Tulsa residents, 200 organizations, and federal, tribal, state, county, and local government officials. In addition, each of the plans incorporated into this update had their own outreach efforts.

How is the plan funded?

Recommendations for infrastructure projects would likely be funded through bond issues, which are voted on by Tulsa residents. Funding for personnel, and policy and operations recommendations may come from the City’s general fund.

What are the next steps?

After the public review period, the plan will be heard by the Tulsa Metropolitan Area Planning Commission, and if adopted, it will be considered by the Tulsa City Council for approval.


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