April 25, 2023 City of Tulsa Board of Adjustment Agenda



Regularly Scheduled Meeting

Tulsa City Council Chambers

175 East 2nd Street, 2nd Level, One Technology Center Tuesday,

April 25, 2023, 1:00 P.M.


Meeting No. 1315


If you wish to present or share any documents, written comments, or exhibits during the hearing, please submit them by 9:00 a.m. the day of the hearing. Remember to reference the case number and include your name and address.

Agenda Packet 


  1. Approval of Minutes of March 28, 2023 (Meeting No. 1313).




  1. 23507 – Oscar Garcia

Action Requested:

Special Exception to permit Personal Vehicle Sales in the CS District (Sec. 15.020, Table 15-2); Variance to permit the outdoor storage and display of merchandise in the CS district within 300-feet of an abutting R District (Sec. 15.040-A) Location:  12430 E. 11th St. S. (CD 6)


  1. 23510-WAGONER – August Wakat

Action Requested:

Appeal of the Administrative Decision by a Neighborhood Inspector in Case 69279-2023 that the subject property is in violation of sections 60.020-A, 70.080-A, 80.040-B.2 and 80.040-F of the City of Tulsa Zoning Code, in accordance with Section 70.140. Location:  23780 E. Admiral Pl. (CD 6)




  1. 23518 – Christian Vaughn

Action Requested:

Special Exception to allow an Accessory Dwelling Unit in an RS-3 District (45.031-D); Variance to allow a Detached Accessory Building/ Dwelling Unit to exceed one story or 18-feet in height and to exceed 10-feet in height to the top of the top plate in the rear setback (Section 90.090-C2);Variance to reduce the required 50% open space for a non-conforming lot (Sec. 80.020-B);Variance to permit more than 30% coverage of the rear setback by  Detached Accessory Buildings/Dwelling Units (Sec.90.090-C, Table 90-2): Location:  1508 E. 20th St. (CD 4)


  1. 23519-WAGONER – Grady W. Whitaker, Jr.,

Action Requested:

Variance to reduce the required 75-foot setback in the IM zoning district from abutting AG Zoning Districts (Sec.15.020, Table 15-2). Location:  19504 E. 6th St. (CD 6)



  1. 23521 – Tyler Choate

Action Requested:

Special Exception to permit duplexes in the RS-3 district (Table 5.020, Table 5-2, Table 5-2.5). Request is to allow up to 6 duplexes. Location:  6 lots located on E. 81st Pl. S., South and East of S. Evanston Ave. (CD 2)







  1. Election of Secretary for City of Tulsa Board of Adjustment.