Tulsa County Board of Adjustment


Monday, June 26, 2023, 1:30 p.m.

Williams Tower I

1 West 3rd Street, St. Francis Room 

Meeting No.­­ 520


At this Meeting, the Board of Adjustment, in accord with and pursuant to applicable Board of Adjustment Policies and Procedures, will review, consider, discuss, and may take action on, approve, amend, modify, approve with amendment(s) or modification(s), deny, reject, or defer any action on any item listed on this Agenda.

Agenda Packet

Review and possible approval, approval with modifications, denial, or deferral of the following:

  1. Approval of Minutes of May 16, 2023 (Meeting No. 519).


  1. 3065Robin Mayhugh – Action Requested: Variance to permit a detached accessory building in the RS district to be greater than 750 sf of floor area (Section 240.2.E) Location:  5654 S 167th W Ave (CD 2)


  1. 3068 – Michael Grim – Action Requested: Special Exception to permit fireworks stand (Use Unit 2) in an RE district (Section 410) and a Variance from the all-weather parking surface requirement (Section 1340.D) Location:  9924 N Garnett Rd (CD 1)
  1. 3069 – Robin Hausner – REQUESTED CONTINUANCE – Action Requested: Use Variance to permit an RV Park (Use Unit 17) in an AG district (Section 310). Location: 128 W 91st St N (CD 2) 
  1. 3070 – Eric & Jaci Gillette – Action Requested: Modification of a previously approved conceptual site plan (CBOA-2631) to permit a lot-split in an AG District. Location:  17219 S. Harvard Ave (CD 3)
  1. 3071 – Joshua & Brittany Reese – Action Requested: Variance to permit two dwelling units on a single lot of record in an RS district (Section 208). Location:  12303 E 136th St S (CD 3)
  1. 3072 – James Kent – Action Requested: Special Exception to allow a fireworks stand (Use Unit 2) in an RS zoned district. (Sec. 410); Variance of the all-weather surface material requirement for parking (Section 1340.D). Location:  4503 South 49 Avenue West (CD 2)
  1. 3073 – Randy Scott – REQUESTED A CONTINUANCE until July 18, 2023 – Action Requested: Special Exception to permit fireworks stand (Use Unit 2) in an RS district (Section 410) Location:  1035 W 4 ST N (CD 1)
  1. 3074 – Kyle Butterworth – Action Requested: Variance of the street frontage from 30′ to 0′ in an RS district (Section 207) Location:  6003 S 70th W Ave (CD 3)
  1. 3075­ – Shirley & Jerry West – Action Requested: Variance of the minimum lot area in an AG-R district to permit a lot split (Section 330 Table 3). Location:  13090 N. 91st Ave & 13070 N. 91st Ave (CD 1) 
  1. 3077 – Heath Timmerman – Action Requested: Variance to reduce the required 15-foot side setback in the AG District to permit a lot split (Sec. 330, Table 3) Location:  16140 S. Elwood Ave. (CD 3)
  1. 3078 – Chris Garr – Action Requested: Variance to allow a third dwelling unit in an AG district (Section 208) Location:  13952 N Memorial Dr. (CD 1)