Tulsa County Board of Adjustment
Special Meeting
Tuesday May 31, 2022, 1:30 p.m.
Williams Tower I
1 West 3rd Street, St. Francis Room

Meeting No. 507

Agenda Packet

At this Meeting the Board of Adjustment, in accord with and pursuant to applicable Board of Adjustment Policies and Procedures, will review, consider, discuss, and may take action on, approve, amend, modify, approve with amendment(s) or modification(s), deny, reject, or defer any action on any item listed on this Agenda.


Review and possible approval, approval with modifications, denial, or deferral of the following:

  1. Approval of Minutes of April 19, 2022 (Meeting No. 506).



  1. 2960 – Wake WirelessSpecial Exception to permit a 150 ft. Wireless Communications Tower (Use Unit 4 – Public Protection and Utility Facilities) in an AG district (Section 1204.3); a Special Exception to reduce the required tower setback (110% of the tower height) from 165′ to 10′ 8″ from the adjoining residential lot and from 165′ to 92′ from the adjoining agricultural lot (Section 1204.3C.7.a); and a Special Exception to allow an alternative design rather than a monopole communication tower design to be located within 300 feet of an R district boundary (Section 1204.3.C.2.b). LOCATION: South of the southeast corner of East 146th Street North and North Yale Avenue


Review and possible approval, approval with modifications, denial, or deferral of the following:


  1. 2963 – Talia ZapataSpecial Exception to permit a single-wide mobile home in an RS district (Section 410). LOCATION: 820 North Ridge Drive West


  1. 2964 – Samuel FeldhakeVariance to permit a detached accessory building in the side yard in an RE district (Section 420.2-A.2). LOCATION: 8231 North 70th Avenue East


  1. 2965 – Nathalie CornettUse Variance to permit a heavy construction contract service (Use Unit 25) in the CS district. (Section 710); Variance to permit gravel unenclosed off-street parking (Section 1340); Variance to permit gravel loading areas (Section 1350). LOCATION: 2106 South 59th Avenue West


  1. 2966 – Nathan CrossUse Variance to permit Use Unit 5 (Community Services and Similar Uses) to allow an Emergency and Protective Shelter to allow temporary (up to 8 months) housing and sponsor placement services for unaccompanied displaced minors in an IM district (Section 1205). LOCATION: 6929 North Lakewood Avenue East


  1. 2967 – Annette BelmonteVariance of the minimum land area per dwelling unit requirement from 2.1 and the minimum lot area requirement from 2 acres in an AG district; and a Variance of the minimum lot width requirement from 150 feet in an AG district to permit a lot split (Section 330). LOCATION: 17505 South 145th Avenue East


  1. 2968 – Mickey TraylorSpecial Exception to allow a duplex in an RS district (Sec. 410, Table 1); Variance to allow three dwelling units on a single lot of record in the RS district (Sec. 208); and a Variance from the all-weather parking surface requirement (Section 1340.D). LOCATION: 7107 North Trenton Avenue East


  1. 2972 – Sherry BarbourSpecial Exception to permit a fireworks stand (Use Unit 2) in an RS district (Section 410); Variance of the all-weather parking surface requirement (Sec.1340.D). LOCATION: 524 North 49th Avenue West