This meeting has been canceled due to inclement weather.

Tulsa County Board of Adjustment
Regularly Scheduled Meeting

Tuesday, February 16, 2021, 1:30 p.m.
Williams Tower I
1 West 3rd Street, St. Francis Room

 Meeting No. 491

Agenda Packet

The Tulsa County Board of Adjustment will be held in the St. Francis Room in Williams Tower I and by videoconferencing and teleconferencing.

Board of Adjustment members, applicants, and members of the public are encouraged to attend and participate in the Board of Adjustment meeting via videoconferencing and teleconferencing by joining from a computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Attend in Person: Williams Tower I, St. Francis Room, 1st Floor
1 W. 3rd St., Tulsa, Oklahoma 74103
Attend Virtually:
Attend by Phone: 1-312-626-6799      Meeting ID: 885 7114 1496
Additional Directions: During the meeting, if you are participating through ZOOM and wish to speak on an item, please send your name and the case number via the ZOOM chat. If you are dialing in on a phone, wait for the item to be called and speak up when the Chair asks for any interested parties.

The following County Board of Adjustment members plan to attend remotely via ZOOM, provided that they may still be permitted to appear and attend at the meeting site, St. Francis Room, Williams Tower I, 1 West 3rd Street, Tulsa Oklahoma: David Charney, Don Hutchinson, Don Crall, Larry Johnston, and William Tisdale



  1. Approval of Minutes of January 19, 2021 (Meeting No. 490).


  1. 2857—Rick Clark Use Variance to allow (Use Unit 23 – Section 23) storage of personal items; Variance to allow the total combined floor area of accessory buildings to exceed 750 SF in the RS District (Section 240.2-E);  Updated to read: Variance to allow the total combined floor area of accessory buildings to exceed 750 square feet in an RS District (Section 240.2-E); Variance to permit a detached accessory building in the front yard in an RS District (Section 420.2-A.2).  LOCATION:  11802 East 140th Street North
  1. 2866—McKenzie Vermillion &  Robert HopperSpecial Exception to permit a Horticulture Nursery in an AG-R District (Section 310, Table 1).  LOCATION:  13818 North 92nd East Avenue



  1. 2872—Gary YoungVariance to allow two dwelling units on a single lot of record in an AG-R District (Section 208); Special Exception to permit a mobile home in an AG-R District (Section 310, Table 1)   LOCATION: 25024 West 41st Street South
  1. 2873—Frank WestbrookSpecial Exception permit a fence to exceed 4 feet in height in the front yard setback (Section 240.2).  LOCATION:  9752 North Sheridan Road East
  1. 2874—Jeremy &  Elizabeth Morris  &  Joshua GlovatskyVariance of the minimum frontage requirement on a public street or dedicated right-of-way from 30 feet to 0 feet in the AG District (Section 207).  LOCATION:  North and East of the NE/c of West 41st Street South  &  South 249th West Avenue
  1. 2875—Frank Pattison – Special Exception for Use Unit 2 – Area Wide Special Exception Uses – for a wedding and event venue in an AG District (Section 1202); Variance from the all-weather parking surface requirement (Section 1340.D).  LOCATION:  23425 West Coyote Trail
  1. 2877—Linda FitzpatrickVariance to allow two dwelling units on a single lot of record in an AG District (Section 208).  LOCATION:   20024 South Yale Avenue
  1. 2878—Tanner BemiesSpecial Exception to permit Use Unit 24 – Mining and Mineral Processing (Section1224) – to extend the time limit to allow native soils to be mined in an AG District (Section 310, Table 1).  LOCATION:  10335 East 161st Street South