Tulsa County Board of Adjustment

Regularly Scheduled Meeting

Tuesday December 20, 2022, 1:30 p.m.

Williams Tower I

1 West 3rd Street, St. Francis Room


Meeting No. 514





At this Meeting, the Board of Adjustment, in accord with and pursuant to applicable Board of Adjustment Policies and Procedures, will review, consider, discuss, and may take action on, approve, amend, modify, approve with amendment(s) or modification(s), deny, reject, or defer any action on any item listed on this Agenda.


Agenda Packet


Review and possible approval, approval with modifications, denial, or deferral of the following:


  1. Approval of Minutes of November 15, 2022 (Meeting No. 513)




  1. 2926-ANathalie Cornett

Action Requested:

Modification to previously approved conditions and site plan for CBOA-2926. Location:  16700 S. 163rd East Ave. (CD 3)

  1. 3017AAB Engineering, LLC

Action Requested:

Special Exception to allow a mini storage (use Unit 16) in a CS district (Section 710) Location:  E of Hwy 75 and S of E 86th St N. (CD 1)

  1. 3018Guadalupe Juan Varela

Action Requested:

Use Variance to allow for a food truck (Use Unit 12) in an RS district. (Section 410) Location:  1725 E 66th St N (CD 1)

  1. 3019Jimmy R. Harvey Jr.

Action Requested:

Variance of the street frontage requirements in an AG district from 30′ to 0′ (Section 207). Location:  N. 37th E. Ave. (CD 1)

  1. 3020Denny Fitzmorris

Action Requested:

Variance of the rear setback from 40 ft in the AG district;(Section 310, Table 3); Variance of the side setback from 15 ft. in the AG district (Section 310, Table 3).

Location:  15717 S Yale Ave (CD 3)

  1. 3021Mark Hines

Action Requested:

Variance to permit two dwelling units on a single lot of record in an RE district (Section 208). Location:  11711 E 68th St N (CD 1)

  1. 3023Mark Allen Adams

Action Requested:

Variance to reduce the side yard on the north side of the property from 15 feet to 8 feet in an AG-R district. (Section 330) Location:  5641 S 164th W Ave (CD 2)

  1. 3024Terry Hanzel

Action Requested:

Variance of the minimum lot width from 150′ in the AG district to permit a lot line adjustment (Tracts 2 & 3 (Section 330- Table 3) Location:  5560 E 191st St S (CD 3)

  1. 3025Jennifer Osborn

Action Requested:

Variance to permit two dwelling units on a single lot of record in an RS district (Section 208). Location: 5311 S 107th W Ave (CD 2)

  1. 3027Gerado Rodriguez

Action Requested:

Variance of the street frontage requirement in an AG district from 30 ft to 0 ft (Section 207) Location: 9207 E 166th St N (CD 1)

  1. 3028Donald LeBlanc

 Action Requested:

 Special Exception to permit use Unit 27 in an IM district to permit a wrecker   service (Section 910) Location:  8015 S 81st W Ave (CD 2)

  1. 3029Phillip Ostrander

 Action Requested:

 Variance of the minimum lot area and land area required in an AG district to    permit a lot split (Sec 330) Location:  8716 E 156th St N (CD 1) 

  1. 3030Amanda Metzger

 Action Requested:

 Variance of the maximum amount dwelling units on a single lot from 2 to 3 (Sec  208) Location: 16922 N 113th E Ave (CD 1)

  1. 3031B + T Group

 Action Requested:

 Special Exception to permit a 190 ft. Wireless Communications Tower (Use Unit  4 – Public Protection and Utility Facilities) in an AG district (Section 1204.3)  Location: 13051 N Memorial Dr (CD 1)







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NOTE: Exhibits, Petitions, Pictures, etc., presented to the Board of Adjustment may be received and deposited in case files to be maintained at the Tulsa Planning Office at INCOG. All electronic devices must be silenced during the Board of Adjustment meeting.

NOTE: This agenda is for informational purposes only and is not an official posting. Please contact the Tulsa Planning Office at 918-584-7526 if you require an official posted agenda.