Regularly Scheduled Meeting
Tulsa County Board of Adjustment
Tuesday, November 19, 2019, 1:30 p.m.
Ray Jordan Tulsa County Administration Building
500 South Denver, Room 119 

Agenda Packet

Meeting No. 476


  1.  Approval of Minutes of October 15, 2019 (Meeting No. 475).


  1. 2651—Joseph FarrisAcceptance and possible action regarding the District Court’s Decision on Appeal Special Exception to permit Mining and Mineral Processing (Use Unit 24) in an AG District (Section 310). LOCATION: 14219 East 66th Street North


  1. 2776—Gass Up Medical Marijuana FarmUse Variance to permit Use Unit 3, Agriculture, in a CS District (Section 710, Table 1). LOCATION: 7425 North Peoria Avenue
  1. 2777—Lou ReynoldsSpecial Exception to permit Use Unit 13, Convenience Goods and Services, in an IM District to allow a Medical Marijuana Dispensary; Special Exception to permit Use Unit 27, Heavy Manufacturing and Industry, in an IM District to allow a Medical Marijuana Processing Facility that uses butane-based extraction methods (Section 910, Table 1). LOCATION: 7122 West Charles Page Boulevard
  1. 2778—Marc NajjarUse Variance to permit Use Unit 3, Agriculture, for a Horticulture Nursery in a Commercial General District (Section 710, Table 1). LOCATION: 19271 West Wekiwa Road
  1. 2779—Matt BlairSpecial Exception to permit Use Unit 5 (Community Service & Similar Uses) in the RS District (Section 410). LOCATION: 5323 South 65th Avenue West
  1. 2780—Miller Products, LLCSpecial Exception to permit Use Unit 24, Mining and Mineral Processing. (Section 1224) in an AG District (Section 310, Table 1). LOCATION: West of the NW/c of East 56th Street North & North Mingo Road
  1. 2781—Joshua MooreVariance of the minimum frontage requirement on a public street/dedicated right-of-way from 30 feet to 0 feet in the AG District to permit a lot split (Section 207). LOCATION: South of the SW/c of North 166th Street North and North Mingo Road
  1. 2782 –Bobby BehrensUse Variance to allow Use Unit 14, Shopping Goods and Services, for a catering business in an AG District (Section 1214.2.C). LOCATION: 3454 South Campbell Creek Road
  1. 2783 –CRB Companies aka Branch CommunicationsSpecial Exception to permit a communication tower, Use Unit 4, in the RS District (Section 410); Special Exception of the required setback for communication towers from adjacent residential and AG zoned lots (Section 1204.C.7). LOCATION: 5902 North Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard


  1. Review and approval of the 2020 meeting schedule.