Tulsa County Board of Adjustment
Regularly Scheduled Meeting
Tuesday, August 18, 2020, 1:30 p.m.
Williams Tower I
1 West 3rd Street, St. Francis Room

Meeting No. 485

Agenda Packet 

The Tulsa County Board of Adjustment will be held in the St. Francis Room in Williams Tower I and by videoconferencing and teleconferencing.

Board of Adjustment members and members of the public may attend the meeting in the St. Francis Room but are encouraged to attend and participate in the Board of Adjustment meeting via videoconferencing and teleconferencing by joining from a computer, tablet or smartphone.

Attend in Person: Williams Tower I, St. Francis Room, 1st Floor / 1 W. 3rd St., Tulsa, Oklahoma

Attend Virtually:

Attend by Phone: 1-312-626-6799 / Meeting ID: 898 0346 9668

Additional Directions: During the meeting, if you are participating through ZOOM and wish to speak on an item, please send your name and the case number via the ZOOM chat. If you are dialing in on a phone, wait for the item to be called and speak up when the Chair asks for any interested parties.

The following County Board of Adjustment members plan to attend remotely via ZOOM, provided that they may still be permitted to appear and attend at the meeting site, St. Francis Room, Williams Tower I, 1 West 3rd Street, Tulsa Oklahoma: David Charney, Don Hutchinson, Don Crall, Gene Dillard, Larry Johnston


  1. Approval of Minutes of July 21, 2020 (Meeting No. 484).



  1. 2832—Connie Blizzard &  Kelly SchiavoModification to a previously approved Special Exception (CBOA-2641) for a wedding/event venue with accessory lodging (Use Unit 2) to extend the time limit indefinitely in the AG District (Section 310).  LOCATION: 7845 East 86th Street North, Owasso
  1. 2833—Desirae OzarkUse Variance to permit Use Unit 3, Agriculture, for a Horticulture Nursery in a RS District (Section 1203).  LOCATION: 21609 West 14th Street South
  1. 2834—Larry HotsonVariance to exceed the allowable square footage for accessory buildings in aggregate in an RS District (Section 240.2.E); Variance to permit a detached accessory building in the side yard in an RS District (Section 420.2-A.2); Variance to permit a detached accessory building to encroach upon the minimum building setback line (Section 420.2.A.2).  LOCATION: 3116 South 61st West Avenue
  1. 2835—Sandra MillionVariance to exceed the allowable square footage for accessory buildings in aggregate in an RS District (Section 240.2.E).  LOCATION: 4620 West 30th Street South
  1. 2836—Terri WilliamsSpecial Exception to permit a manufactured home in a RE District (Section 410); Variance from the all-weather parking surface requirement (Section 1340.D).  LOCATION: 17111 West 41st Street South
  1. 2837—Michael Parham – Variance of the rear yard setback in an AG District to permit an accessory building (Section 330, Table 3).  LOCATION: 9998 North Memorial Drive East
  1. 2838—Randall VaughnVariance of the minimum lot area and land area per dwelling unit in an AG District to permit a lot split (Section 330, Table 3); Variance of the minimum lot width in the AG and RE Districts to permit a lot split (Section 330, Table 3  &  Section 430, Table 3).  LOCATION: 7901 North Sheridan Road East
  1. 2839—Roger BrockVariance to permit a detached accessory building to exceed 750 square feet in an RS District (Section 240.2-E).  LOCATION: 5615 South 85th Avenue West
  1. 2840—Amanda TaborSpecial Exception to permit a mobile home (Use Unit 9) in the RS District (Section 410).  LOCATION: 5150 West 28th Street South
  1. 2842—Jeffery Columbia – Variance of the required 30 feet of frontage to permit construction of a single-family home (Section 207).  LOCATION: 5110 West 21st Street South