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Implementation & Tracking

About the Implementation Monitoring Program

The Tulsa Planning Office monitors and supports implementation of adopted small area plans. Small area plans engage communities to create a vision for their community in the next 10-20 years, and include recommendations related to land-use, transportation, housing, and other topics. They are intended as a framework for City and community partner actions, as funding and resources are available. All figures, statuses, and charts are current to July 1, 2020.

View the latest information about the status of each plan linked in the section to the left, or download the most recent Implementation Report.


Summary of Implementation Status

This report tracks implementation efforts for all plans adopted as amendments to planitulsa.

There are currently 14 active small area plans, with 1,267 plan recommendations. Of these, 528 are either complete or on-going. An additional 259 are in-progress. 444 recommendations have not been initiated, and 40 have been identified as obsolete.

Overall Figures

Recommendations & Goals

  • Complete 15.74% 15.74%
  • Ongoing 25.81% 25.81%
  • In Progress 20.38% 20.38%
  • Not Initiated 34.93% 34.93%
  • Obsolete 3.15% 3.15%


•‘Complete’ recommendations have been fully implemented
•‘Ongoing’ recommendations have been initiated and are of a continuous nature
•‘In Progress’ recommendations have been partially completed or are underway
•‘Not Initiated’ recommendations have not yet been initiated
•‘Obsolete’ recommendations are not currently recommended for initiation based on a change of conditions or other factors since plan adoption