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Right-of-Way Programs

The City of Tulsa encourages the formation and use of Sidewalk Cafés, Tables & Chairs, and Parklets to stimulate the pedestrian realm with activity.

These programs move away from the License Agreement Process, which used to be the only way to create a sidewalk café-like area within the public right-of-way. Now, the City of Tulsa is able to offer a more efficient review and permitting process through these right-of-way programs.

Please review the program manual before submitting application materials.


Sidewalk Cafe and Tables & Chairs Program Manual
Parklet Program Manual

Sidewalk Cafes
Sidewalk Cafe Application
Sidewalk Cafe Renewal Application
Sidewalk Cafe Amendment Application
Sidewalk Cafe Appeal of Decision

Tables & Chairs
Tables & Chairs Application
Tables & Chairs Renewal Application
Tables & Chairs Amendment Application
Tables & Chairs Appeal of Decision

Parklet Initial Application
Parklet Design Development Application
Parklet Renewal Application
Parklet Amendment Application
Parklet Appeal of Decision

Sidewalk Café vs. Tables & Chairs

A Sidewalk Café is defined as fenced-in open-air seating located on a sidewalk directly adjacent to a business. A Sidewalk Café allows for food and beverages to be served outside the establishment through seating that is used exclusively for the business’ patrons.

Tables & Chairs areas are created by setting tables and chairs outside and adjacent to a place of business, similar to Sidewalk Cafes; however, Tables & Chairs areas do not offer table service, and are available for public use. They also utilize end barriers rather than fencing.

For a complete understanding of the requirements for each permit type, please review the Program Manual.

Which Program is Right for You?