Regularly Scheduled Meeting
Tulsa City Council Chambers
175 East 2nd Street, 2nd Level, One Technology Center
Tuesday, September 22, 2020, 1:00 P.M. 

Meeting No. 1259

Agenda Packet

The City Board of Adjustment will be held in the Tulsa City Council Chambers and by videoconferencing and teleconferencing.

Board of Adjustment members and members of the public may attend the meeting in the Tulsa City Council Chamber but are encouraged to attend and participate in the Board of Adjustment meeting via videoconferencing and teleconferencing by joining from a computer, tablet, or smartphone.

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Join Teleconference by dialing: 1-786-535-3211
Participants must then enter the following Access Code: 280-911-821

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The following City Board of Adjustment members plan to attend remotely via GoToMeeting, provided that they may still be permitted to appear and attend at the meeting site, Tulsa City Council Chambers, at One Technology Center, 175 East Second Street, Tulsa Oklahoma: Stuart Van De Wiele, Austin Bond, Burlinda Radney and Jessica Shelton.


  1. Approval of Minutes of July 28, 2020 (Meeting No. 1255).


  1. 22982—Greg HollingerVariance of the required 25-foot rear setback (Section 5.030, Table 5-3); Special Exception to increase the permitted driveway width (Section 55.090-F). LOCATION: 2103 East 37th Street South (CD 9) (Application has been withdrawn by applicant)
  1. 22983—John DurkeeSpecial Exception to increase the permitted driveway width (Section 55.090-F). LOCATION: 1125 East 49th Place South (CD 9) Addendum 1
  2. 22990—Wallace Engineering – Nicole Watts – Variance of the screening requirement between office use and residential districts (Section 40.260-D). LOCATION: 5750 East 15th Street South (CD 5) Addendum 1 Addendum 2 Addendum 3                                                                                               
  3.  22994—Raul CisnerosVariance to reduce the 20-foot setback for a street facing garage (Section 5.030-A, Table Note 3); Variance to increase the maximum coverage area of the rear yard setback for a detached accessory building (Section 90.090-C.2, Table 90-2). LOCATION: 1347 North Boston Place East (CD 1)
  1. 22995—Raul CisnerosVariance to allow the floor area of detached accessory buildings to exceed 40% of the floor area of the principal residential structure (Section 45.030-A). LOCATION: 3727 East Pine Place North (CD 3)



  1. 22996—Nick PumaVariance to allow a non-conforming lot to have less than 50% open space (Section 80.020-B). LOCATION: 1037 East 39th Street South (CD 9) (Staff requests continuance until October 13th to re-notice application)
  1. 22997—Drew GiddensVariance of the 1,000-foot spacing requirement for a medical marijuana dispensary from another medical marijuana dispensary (Section 40.225-D). LOCATION: 6529 East 51st Street South (CD 5)
  1. 22998—Owen Properties & Remodeling, LLCSpecial Exception to permit the alteration of a structure with an existing non-conforming side setback (Section 80.030-D). LOCATION: 2944 South Cincinnati Avenue East (CD 9)
  1. 22999—Brent BarnesSpecial Exception to allow for Commercial/Vehicle Sales and Service/Personal Vehicle Sales & Rental use in a CS District (Section 15.020, Table 15-2). LOCATION: 9955 East 21st Street South (CD 5) Addendum 1 
  1. 23000—A-Max Sign Company, Inc.Variance to permit a projecting sign to exceed the maximum permitted height of 25 feet above grade to be installed at 75 feet above grade (Section 60.080-D). LOCATION: 624 South Boston Avenue East (CD 9)
  1. 23001—Ash Cigar Bar, LLC – Mark BahlingerSpecial Exception to allow bar use in an IL District (Section 15.020, Table 15-2); Variance of the 300-foot separation distance between a bar and another bar (Section 40.050-A). LOCATION: 4205 South Sheridan Road East (CD 5) Addendum 1 
  1. 23002—Tim BoeckmanMinor Special Exception to amend a previously approved site plan for a Church in a residential district to permit construction of a new bell tower (Section 70.120). LOCATION: 3188 East 22nd Street South (CD 4) Addendum 1 Addendum 2
  1. 23003—Richard OertleVariance to allow the total aggregate floor area of all detached accessory buildings to exceed 40% of the floor area of the principal residential structure (Section 45.030-A). LOCATION: 6624 South Oxford Avenue East (CD 9)
  1. 23005—Eller & Detrich – Lou ReynoldsSpecial Exception to permit a self-storage facility in the OL District (Section 15.020, Table 15-2); Variance of Section 40.360-B.3 of the code to permit up to two (2) garage-style access doors to be visible at ground level from abutting O/R lots and streets right-of-way. LOCATION: 5012 South Victor Avenue East (CD 9)
  1. 23006—Jason Emmett – Special Exception to expand a high school use in an R District and Modify a previously approved site plan (BOA-17718) to allow for the construction of a gymnasium (Section 5.020, Table 5-2 & Section 70.120); Special Exception to permit an alternative compliance parking ratio to reduce the required number of parking spaces for a high school use (Section 55.050-K & Section 55.020, Table 55-1). LOCATION: 12150 East 11th Street South (CD 6)